Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Juniper turned 3 weeks old on Monday! Even with her lingering cold, she's been doing great. She's a peaceful baby, and a joy to have in our lives.
Samuel, who can be seen running in the distance in this picture, has been telling us what he wants on his birthday cake. He will be 3 in 5 short weeks--I can hardly believe it! It really was just yesterday I was planning his 2nd birthday party. I'll have to start planning #3 very soon! Samuel is a big boy now. We started potty training this evening after going to Target this afternoon for the big boy briefs and soft potty seat.

Today, my first day home alone with two kids, actually went pretty smoothly. The hardest part of the day was when we walking in the door from our trip to Target and Juniper was crying and wanted to nurse and Samuel needed a diaper change at the very same moment. Since I'm only one person, that was a little bit of a juggling act. After picking up Samuel from his class, the 3 of us went out to lunch, then to Target (for supplies listed above). Of course everything is more challenging (baby in cart, toddler running through the store, working all day long on a few hours of sleep), but humans are adaptable, and that's what I'm in the process of doing right now--adapting.



Jeremy said...

Good for you for getting out of the house with both kids!

Wow, I can't believe the boys will be 3 that soon. I guess I should start thinking about it too.

Good luck on the potty training! Has he been talking about wanting to do it? Or are you just going to start him? We ask Ian occasionally and he just tells us 'no'. Although he has gone on the toilet once, it didn't seem to impress him at all. So we are in a 'just wait and see' mode. You'll have to let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karli, I understand completely. It takes a bit to get your sea legs, but you do!

I love checking in on you guys daily. when things settle for us a bit we would love to see the kids!

Love, Mindy

Amy said...

3 weeks??? When did that happen? That flew by! I never noticed her curly hair before....I love it!

Anonymous said...

Karli, she's truly a beautiful little girl. I love her curly hair. She is quite photogenic! You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Karli Ann,
Although I have talked to you, I have been at the beach and not able to get internet service....but I just love, love, love this picture!!! She is such a sweetheart!!! I love her curly hair!
I hope you know, Karli, how much my arms are aching to hold her again!!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is a trick juggling more than one when out and about. You'll learn to adjust and become a pro at it.....but I do understand how it feels at the moment.

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