6 Week Postpartum Visit

Monday, January 21, 2008
Juniper and I had our last appointment today with our dear midwives, and we will miss them greatly. I don't know if I could have achieved a home birth without their support along the way. Last night, we watched our birth video for the first time, and I was reminded of how supportive they were during Juniper's birth. Their personal strength and belief that birth is a natural process gave me the confidence and reassurance that my labor was normal and that I could birth my baby. Childbirth truly is the hardest thing a woman will ever do, and every time I reflect back on my own childbirth experiences, I am astounded at what my body was capable of doing in order to bring Samuel and Juniper into this world.

I posted a few pictures below of our last visit today. I'll always remember these midwives, and will miss them and think of them fondly!


Juniper weighed 11lbs. 3oz. today!

Celeste and Juniper

Celeste, Susan, Brandee (with Juniper), Landon, Karli, and Samuel


Amy said...

6 weeks....are you kidding me????!! That completely flew by! Juniper is looking as adorable as ever!

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