31 Years

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today was my 31st birthday! I look like a total Mom in the above picture. Gotta love the Target outfit. I seriously wanted to make a bonfire in our backyard with my maternity stuff, but instead packed them all up and gave them to a friend of a friend to use during her pregnancy. Anyway, that left me with NO clothes to wear since I'm obviously not in my pre-pregnancy size yet, so off to Target I went for some cheap clothes to get me thru the next few months. Still, I feel like a total Mom in this stuff. I like BEING a Mom, but don't like LOOKING like one . . . necessarily.

Anyway, GOOD NEWS! Juniper's x-ray came back completely normal. They couldn't even find signs of viral pneumonia, so the current diagnosis is that she either has mucus plugging due to her cold or bronchial inflammation, which is restricting air flow in her right lung. Both of these conditions will resolve on their own as her cold clears up, so I'm supposed to continue doing what I'm doing. I'm actually seeing our family doctor this weekend, so will have her take a listen to Juniper's lungs once again to see if they've improved. Whew, this news was such a relief to me and the best birthday present all day.

Thanks to all the friends and family that called or wrote on my birthday. You all made me feel very special! Landon was so sweet and cooked up a fine birthday breakfast this morning for me. Oh, and there was a big bouquet of wildflowers on the table w/ a card and $$ to greet my bloodshot eyes as I entered the dining room from a long night of breastfeeding. Landon's parents watched Samuel tonight while Landon and I went on a date (with Juniper in tow). Sushi & a movie. I wanted to see Juno, so that's what we saw. Landon was a trooper, because I know that wasn't high on his list of movies to see. He said it was cute, though, and I have to agree. The soundtrack rocks. This movie is getting a lot of press. I have to say that Ellen Page, who plays Juno, did a great job. Her character is confident (despite her circumstances), humorous & unique-totally makes the movie. The name, Juno, is one of Juniper's nicknames, since her middle name starts w/ an 'O.' We had been talking about this nickname long before the movie came out. I'll have to tell Juniper someday that we went to see it on my 31st birthday with her when she was only 4 weeks old. Oh, and the actress that plays Juno is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we honeymooned. Weird coincidences...


Jeremy said...

Happy happy birthday! You look great by the way but I understand. The in-between, postpartum look never makes one feel stunning.

I'm so glad Juniper's cold isn't too too serious. How scary though! I hope she gets better soon.

And Juno's a cute nickname! :-)

Anonymous said...

AND~~Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with Prince Edward Island is on my list of places I would LOVE to go to especially after you and Landon brought back the wonderful pictures and also the "Anne of Green Gables" doll back for me!!!!
I love her and see her everyday!!

Anonymous said...

I called you ( which is better I think) but didn't think to put it on line but~~~~~~

" Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy Birthday, this is YOUR DAY to have a lot of fun! Blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish ~~ for it's your day to have your wishes met, Happy Birthday, Happy!!
Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy Birthday, This is your day to have A LOT OF FUN!!!!"
love you,
Sorry I couldn't sing it to you on line but "can you remember 'that-tune',Karli?"

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