Monday, December 10, 2007
Juniper Octavia
Born at Home in Water
December 10th, 2007, 3:21PM
9lbs. 7oz.
21 1/2 inches long


Annagrace said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful! I am SO proud of you, Karli--you did it! I can't wait to hear the whole story--you know, later, when you've had some sleep :). Although if you are like me, the downside to an unmedicated labor was so much happiness and adrenaline that I had a hard time sleeping after!

Katie Jervis Photography said...

Precious family. Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to meet her.

Annagrace said...

And I forgot to say I love her name!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
You did such a good job Karli Ann!!
Good pictures~~shows the emotion and excitement at the time of birth!!
Precious little girl~~~and you KNOW Dad and I know about girls!!!
So Much Love,

Jeremy said...

I'm so glad I checked back tonight! Happy birthday sweet little Juniper.

She's beautiful and I love all that hair.

Congrats again Karli...I'm so happy for you!

Kelli said...

Yay! Congratulations Karli, Landon, and Samuel! She is so beautiful. Have fun with her!


Contact said...

Congratulations -- what a gorgeous bunch you are. I told you these year-of-the-pig babies have been running late, but it's nice to get a sturdy one, don't you think? All love --

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely adorable!! Your pictures made me cry!! I'm SO proud of you, Karli!!!

Amy said...

CONGRATS!!! She is beautiful! That first picture is just amazing. Can't wait to hear all about the birth and see more pictures of Juniper!

Anonymous said...

Karli, the first picture had me in a puddle of tears. I hope you frame that one for yourself to always remember the power of that moment. The emotion is beautiful! I'm SO proud of you! Congrats and welcome to this crazy world, Juniper! (love the name, btw) ~Stefanie

Anonymous said...


Geoff and I have been following along and we were so happy to hear everything had turned out well. What a beautiful girl! You all look so content.

Wonderful name, by the way: It has an almost mythic sound, regal and charming at the same time.

All the best, Elizabeth and Geoff

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