Juniper's 2 Week Appointment

Friday, December 28, 2007
Yesterday, Juniper and I went to see our midwives @ their office for our 2 week appointment. She unfortunately had to be pricked for her 2nd PKU test, and didn't like that very much. She has a bad cold right now, and it having some trouble breathing at times, but overall is doing very well despite her cold. She's now 9lbs. 11oz., so is 4 oz. over her birth weight, which is great.
I've been educating myself on vaccines this week. My favorite author on parenting and everything related is Dr. Sears. He just came out with "The Vaccine Book," which is a balanced look at vaccines so that parents can make informed decisions. I am considering delaying a few, and he offers some alternative vaccine schedules in his book to consider. I've definitely learned a lot about the 12 vaccines on the vaccine schedule, and realized that some are serious, but some of these diseases (like the flu) aren't nearly as serious as the media makes out. Anyway, I know vaccines are contraversial, but if you'd like a middle-ground, informative approach, I'd definitely check out Dr. Sears' latest book.


Amy said...

You must have listened to that pregtastic episode when he was on there. I am very interested in getting my hands on that book. I've just always done what my doctor has said to do, but now I am feeling the strong urge to put my foot down on some vaccine schedules.

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