The Day after Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
The day after Christmas is always lots of fun. Leftovers & new toys to play with. Mike & Susan even brought over turkey sandwiches in the evening. Even still, it's a big help when friends/family help out with meals. Plus, you can't beat a fresh turkey sandwich (unless you're vegetarian). We did some grocery shopping this morning & made a trip to Costco, but other than that, took it easy. All the Christmas decorations came down, as our tree was about ready to ignite, even though we only got it 9 days ago. What's up with that? We're thinking about getting a live, potted tree for next year. It took up most of the morning cleaning up all the needles that came off the tree when it was carried outdoors. Lots of vaccuuming. Samuel had fun all morning playing with his new toys. After the shopping, it was great to come home and have turkey sandwiches. --Karli
Daddy turns the pages of "Peter and the Wolf" for Samuel the day after Christmas. Samuel now knows how to do this by himself. We plan to get more books on tape/CD for him over the coming months.


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