Braving the Dressing Room at GAP, 2 Weeks Postpartum

Sunday, December 23, 2007
I'm starting to feel a lot better, and we've been venturing out off and on the past couple of days to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done and run errands that have been neglected for the past couple of weeks. I even went down to our local coffee shop for an hour to read for my book-club. We're reading Blackbird House this month. So far, I really like it--it reads like a fairly tale. Although I only was able to read for 30 minutes before breastfeeding & burping Juniper, it was nice to have some time at the coffee shop as I've been home pretty much since her birth. I'm just glad I'm starting to feel a little more back to my old self.

Having said that, I was in GAP today down in NW trying on a few things, because I really do want to burn, I mean donate, all my pregnancy & beyond clothes at this point. I'm still about 15 to 20 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, although I have lost 25 pounds since the birth, and there's nothing like those big mirrors in the dressing room to make you realize just how far you really are from your old body, especially at only 2 weeks post-partum. Anyway, two young women in the dressing room next to me were carrying on a conversation something like this:

Woman 1: "Yay, I thought I was a size 4, but I totally fit into these size 2 jeans!"
Woman 2: "That's awesome!"
Woman 1: "So, do you think these pants are too blah, or are they sexy?"
Woman 2: "It's almost like those pants are made for a heavier woman, and they are definitely blah."
Woman 1: "But they are size 2."
Woman 2: "I know, but they still look like they are meant for a heavier woman--and they're definitely not sexy. I'd say they look very blah on you."
Woman 1: "Really? I wonder why that is!?"

(Conversation continued, but I tuned out at this point...)

I sighed as I looked at my soft tummy (still deflating slowly at two weeks postpartum), tried to not look at my size G you know whats, then looked down at little Juniper and realized how far away the days in my life of worrying whether I looked blah vs. sexy were from today. Then I surprised myself as I realized I felt content & even a little happy as I reached for the size 16 blouse, realizing the 10 and 12 were never going to fit around this current bust of mine.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Karli! But I would sure have had the urge to point out to those size-obsessed gals next door that american manufacturers (gap is notorious for this) routinely mark an item with a smaller size than it is (to appeal to their vanity at wearing a certain size) so maybe she really is...GASP...a 4 or EVEN a 6?!?! I guess I'm mean-spirited like that ;-)
Probably they were just self-indulgent teenagers (I remember a bit of that too!)

You've got your head in the right place--your body just performed a feat of nature and in it's strength you have given birth to and are continuing to nourish and nurture ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. WOW! THAT's what's important!

Amy said...

Oh how I long to be skinny again! But I am definitely not looking forward to that in between stage after having a baby!

Anonymous said...

I totally identify with what you are saying ~~ even at your Mom's old age~~but I still fell what you do when I hear things like that from the "size-eidemic" desease that some poeple have. I deal with fighting it all of the time at my age-- but knowing you Karli Ann, you will be back to your normal weight before no time at all ~~ and if you never- never- never did, Juniper is sooooooo worth it!!!! But I know that you know that one!!

The Ferriter Family said...

My boobs haven't gone down really at all and Emma is 15 months...I ignore size and buy what looks good on me. I think you look great!

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