6 Days Old

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The color in this picture didn't turn out quite right since the flash wasn't used, so I made it a B&W. Anyway, it's Day 6. Everything is going well. Lots of nursing, changing diapers, burping, changing her clothes, and then starting over again. I'm enjoying every minute as the days pass so quickly. I am still having a hard time getting around as I still feel quite sore from childbirth, but every day gets a little easier. I'm trying to make up the hours of sleep I lose @ night during the day, which is making it a challenge to have visitors. Hopefully, this week will get a little easier...okay, gotta run. --Karli


Kelli said...

What a precious picture!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just feel totally complete as a Mother when you get to have times like these?!!!!

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