5 Days Old

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Little Juniper Octavia is 5 days old and doing very well. We're all making adjustments & Landon and I are learning how to manage a family of four. Samuel had a few days where he wasn't himself, but seems to be doing better now. Landon has been such a huge support, and has been very good about giving Samuel lots of love and attention every day. Today they went and got our Christmas tree & decorated it & hung up some lights. We're looking forward to this Christmas, because Samuel is so excited. Above is a picture of Juniper in her Papasan Nature Swing, which was Samuel's swing when he was a baby. --Karli


Aviva said...

Aw, the photos of Juniper are gorgeous, and I'm happy that she's being such a sweet, easy baby for you so far. Hang in there -- the sleep will get better eventually. And good for you for getting that sleep when you can; taking care of yourself is crucial because that's the only way you can take care of Juniper and Samuel too.

Hope the nursing continues to improve and the soreness goes away soon. You are totally my hero for doing the home birth thing and coming through it like a star.

Anonymous said...

She is so precious and beautiful I can't stand it!!!!! I am so glad you are both doing so well!
Much Love to all of you!

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