40 Weeks + 6 Days

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've felt great today. The swelling hasn't been nearly so bad today, and while at Fred Meyer earlier, I checked my blood pressure, and it's completely normal--yay! Nothing to worry about. It's going to be amazing to let this happen in its own time. I remind myself daily that my body knows what it is doing and that women aren't considered past-due until they go over 42 weeks.

Samuel and I spent some time this afternoon painting. He was painting with watercolors & I continued to work some more on my belly cast. It's a nice way to pass a rainy afternoon. This morning, it was cold & very foggy. The weather has been interesting so far this December. We lost power on Saturday night over last weekend, and Landon said he thought it would have been cool to do a homebirth via candlelight.

Our basement is dry again...hopefully we won't get another rain storm like this last one anytime soon. It usually takes a considerable amount of rain to saturate the soil to the point that water comes in through the foundation cracks. Luckily, our basement is unfinished, so the water runs down the floor drain or to the outside beneath the basement door and anything we have stored down there is not in the path where the water comes in, so we don't face any damage when this happens.

So, I thought it would be kind of neat if the baby were born tomorrow on December 6th since my birthday is January 6th. Landon thinks 12/6 is a good birthday, too. Knowing Landon, this is probably because 12 is divisible by 6.

Looking forward to this birth and her arrival! 9 months is such a long time to meet one's baby! Thank-goodness I'm not an elephant, although I feel like one at this stage of pregnancy. If I were, I wouldn't even be halfway through my pregnancy yet!



Anonymous said...

I'm liking the 6 idea...as that is my most favored number! Can't wait!! I check your blog all day looking for some sign of something.I'm in the front row cheering you on!!
Your sister and fan,

Annagrace said...

Mine is the 16th, which is Jane Austen and Beethoven's and the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, so I think that's kind of cool too. But don't worry--she's coming before then!

Annagrace said...
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Anonymous said...


You are too funny. I love the picture of the elephant; although, you look NOTHING like one. You're gorgeous! I'm so extremely proud of your uplifting attitude. You can give me some pointers for the next time around. ha, ha!

Jennyology said...

Oh, I would have loved to have been born on Jane Austen's birthday!

Jeremy said...

Karli - I it so awesome that you are due any moment... how exciting! It is so cool you are going to be doing a natural birth... from what Andrea tells me you are going to do great. I am praying and wishing the best for you, Landon, Samuel and your baby girl on the way. Take care... Jeremy

Katie Jervis Photography said...

The image of the elephant made me laugh out loud. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Karli Ann!! I can't believe you put an elephant on there!!! I laughed when I saw it. Yes, you are so right -- that at this time in your pregnancy you do feel like an elephant but you do not look like one!! In fact you look very beautiful!! I love to see very pregnant women!!!

Nine months IS a long time to wait --especially when you are in the end stretch, but it will come -- soon enough and then you will look back and wonder where all of the time went!
Love you,

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