40 Weeks + 5 Days

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
I started experiencing some swelling last night in my hands, feet, and face. I haven't struggled with that during this pregnancy, and I'm so glad, because it is uncomfortable! I was able to sleep well last night once again, however, and have taken it easy today to try to keep the swelling down. Taking it easy means I didn't leave the house, but it's nearly impossible to refrain from cleaning everything in sight right now. I cleaned up a bit in the basement due to some flooding we had yesterday & tidied up our house. It's been a low-key day. Only a few contractions here and there. Nothing consistent or too strong. I'm working at staying positive mentally so that I have the mental strength to deliver her when she is ready. I was glad to see blue skies & sunshine this afternoon. --Karli


Anonymous said...

Guess what? It is one day closer to see your precious daughter!! I'm so sorry that Samuel was sick! Tomorrow may be the day!
Love you,

Anonymous said...


I'm thinking of you and checking your blog daily. You sound very strong mentally and physically. You're doing a great job!

Love you,


Jeremy said...

Come on baby girl! Your mama is ready to meet you...and so are we!

I'm amazed at how positive you are Karli. You're doing great.

Amy said...

Oh, Lord, let today be the day!!! You are such a trooper! I would be freaking out by now (especially because I have such big babies!).

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