40 Weeks + 4 Days

Monday, December 03, 2007
This rain is pretty incredible. Our unfinished basement has quite a bit of water coming in through the foundation cracks. The street looks like it has rivers running on each side to the drains. I had to go outside this morning and unclog our corner street drain as it was causing some flooding . There's something satisfactory about unblocking the drain and watching a lake of water disappear below the street.

I had a prenatal appointment today and everything looks great. I didn't gain any weight this week, and only 1/2 lb. the week before. My midwife asked if I wanted her to check me today, and I said okay. I'm 2cm dilated, and only effaced as much as I was when they checked me at 36 weeks--about 45%. Baby is at station zero. I measured at 37cm, which has been the highest my fundal height has reached this pregnancy. I don't really find this information to be useful, because I have known women who have gone into labor w/out any previous effacement or dilation, and others who have gone for weeks being 4 cm. dilated and almost completely effaced. No way to really predict when these babies will arrive. We made a prenatal appointment for next Monday, but I'm hoping I will have had her by then!



Chelsea said...

Hey - at least you can say, "I remember with my first pregnancy I WENT INTO LABOR!"

Since this is my first and my body has never gone into labor, I am beginning to think we'll NEVER get there.

But I am trying SO HARD to trust in this system...

You have such a great attitude, it helps to read your blog.

(41 weeks and 1 day)

Jennyology said...

Karli - those sound like pretty good statistics to me - I hope to hear the same at my appointment tomorrow. I feel like the baby may have dropped, but I'm not positive. All I know is I'm really uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to agree to being induced just yet.

Chelsea - I feel your pain! It used to seem inevitable that I'd have this baby, but now that the due date has passed, it feels like I missed the window or something and will remain forever pregnant.

(40 weeks and 3 days - perhaps 40 weeks and 5 days, according to my calculations)

Betsy said...

I dilated to 3-4 with Olivia, then went on bed rest and closed up completely a week later! Hang in there Karli...it'll all be over soon!

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