3 Days Old

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Juniper is the sweetest little girl. Here is a picture from this afternoon of her first time in the vibrating chair (thank-you, Matty & Jody!). She loved it! At 3 days old, she had her PKU heel prick this morning, and I was given my last dose of Rho-GAM (Juniper's blood type is A +). My milk started to come in today, and breastfeeding is going great. She lost 10oz. since her birth, but will quickly regain that weight at the rate she is feeding.


Robby Gilliam said...

She is quite the beautiful baby!!!

charmi said...

Emma's A+ too. Life's full of so many little coincidences. She's such a beautiful baby.


Jeremy said...

She's beautiful!!!!!!

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