Saturday, November 24, 2007

We went to six stores yesterday (A-Boy, The Bean Scene (coffee drive-through), Target, Whole Foods, GI Joe's, and Trader Joe's). It was crazy! Today, we hit Costco & New Seasons. We had to get some food for our midwives for during the birth & make sure we had lots of extras on hand from Costco. We were also getting low on diapers & wet ones, and my friend Jen said the Kirkland Costco brand of diapers/wet wipes were good, so I thought I'd try them out. I actually had wanted to do cloth diapers with this baby, but I haven't made a mental commitment to that yet, so until I know I'm willing to do the extra work, I decided not to buy them. I'd like to start out with disposables, and I'll go from there.

I haven't had any contractions today, only a few Braxton Hicks walking around Costco & New Seasons. I think this is going to be a December baby. I'll be surprised if she comes before then.

Mike & Susan are coming over tonight for pizza & to show us pictures of their trip to India. It's not a trip I think I could ever do. If anyone is interested, they have documented their trip here.


Aviva said...

We haved used Kirkland wipes from the start with Ellie, and they're great. I tried the Huggies ones once when we had a good coupon for them and ended up returning them to Costco. (Gotta love their return policy. Even if the package is open and you've used some, they'll take them back if you're unhappy with the quality.)

We didn't start using Kirkland diapers until Ellie was about 15 months old, when I decided to try them after some online friends raved about them. I ended up liking them better than the Huggies we'd been buying! I'm only disappointed that Kirkland doesn't make pullups yet!!

Jeremy said...

I seriously considered cloth too. They have some really cute ones out there and so many styles.

I can't believe you only have a couple more days until your due date. You're doing great Karli! I'm so excited to hear about your birth story. It will be such a great experience for you! Treasure these last few days of your pregnancy and I hope you are able to rest for the big day.

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