My Due Date, November 29th

Thursday, November 29, 2007
40 Weeks Pregnant, 7:30PM, November 29th, 2007

Passing the time painting my belly imprint, cast at 36 weeks of pregnancy.
I've reached my due date, November 29th. I'm feeling peaceful & patient right now as I wait to birth this baby. I had another round of contractions last night for about 45 minutes. Last night's were the strongest I've had yet, and the contractions included pressure, cervical, and back pain. I was able to sleep well last night. This morning, I've been having more pressure & cramping sensations, as well as contractions like last night, but they aren't very close together. I know my body is slowly preparing for childbirth. I know instinctively, though, that it won't be much longer now. Maybe another day or two. I'm thinking November 30th, December 1st or 2nd. I hear we're in for some snow on Saturday, the 1st. Wouldn't that be cool to have snow during this little girl's birth?

I picked up my pregnancy photos from the frame shop this afternoon & they are now hanging around my bedroom. They are such a nice addition to the atmosphere in my room, and I am glad they will be up for the birth. Last night, I found some navy blue sheets to use as window coverings in the office, where I think I'd like the birthing tub to be. I got fresh flowers and placed them all around the house (rosehips & aster--my favorite) in little vases I arranged. I picked up some more perineal cold packs for after delivery. I had one that came with my birth kit, but I wanted to have plenty on hand, so got four more. We have lots of food on hand for Landon and I & the midwives...everything is ready and waiting for the new baby.

A midwife I talked to yesterday told me that women typically follow their previous gestational patterns, so if you went early before, you'll most likely go early again, and if you went late, you're likely to go over again. I went into labor on my due date w/ Samuel, but didn't have him until 2 days later. I'm thinking a similar pattern will occur with this one. I'm looking forward to seeing this through in its own time and in a natural way.
P.S. November 29th is the 333rd day of the year. It was a cool due date, but won't be our child's birthday. I still feel she will be a December baby.


Jeremy said...

You're beautiful Karli! It definitely sounds like you are really close. And how sweet it would be to look outside holding your baby with snow on the ground.

I'm thinking of you often! Let me know if you need anything.

Jennyology said...

Hey Karli,

Still no news here ... just lounging around, waiting for something to happen. My husband and I took a long walk last night, hoping to at least get the baby to descend a little further. Not sure if it helped, but my pelvis was in PAIN after that walk!


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