Joyful Birth

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon at 4:35PM with a strong contraction, and then realized I had been having them while sleeping all along. Every 8 minutes, a strong contraction came until around 8:30PM, when they started slowing down, then disappeared altogether. I really thought last night was it, but now the waiting continues. This morning I feel pretty tired, but otherwise I feel good. I was so geared up for labor last night once I realized the contractions were so consistent. Well, I'm off to New Seasons for some fresh flowers (rosehips & aster) for the house & my room.

I got my photos back from Campbell-Salgado today, then went to a framing shop to pick out framing. They'll be finished by tomorrow, which will be great, because then I can possibly have them up for the birth. They're really beautiful. You get what you pay for!



Jennyology said...

She makes it look so easy! I wonder what her secret is. Thanks for sharing this.

Jeremy said...

I love this birth video!

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