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Monday, November 05, 2007

Tonight my midwives came to our house for my 36 week appointment. I'm actually almost 37 weeks now. They looked at our house, made some suggestions about where to put the birth tub, and I showed them were I'm keeping all of the supplies for the birth and familiarized them with our house and where things are. I still have a few more supplies to gather for the birth, but I'm just about all set. We'll pick up the birthing tub at my appointment next week, and Landon will make sure we have all the necessary attachments for hooking it up to our shower head for hot water. I think I'll put it in the living room, but it could also go in our office or dining area. I don't even know how much I'll use it during labor, but it will be good to have it on hand just in case. We'll also pick up a birthing stool at next week's appointment. It's funny, but their other client that was due around me went into labor the night I was having contractions. Hers ended up being a 3 day birth, so my midwives were relieved that my contractions were only a false alarm. I only just told them about the incident this evening, and I'm glad I didn't call on Thursday, because it sounded as though they had their hands full. Because I had had so many contractions, though, I did request that they do a cervical check tonight, and everything looks great. Her head is low (-1), I'm about 45% effaced, and not dilated. I really do think I'll go full-term. I've thought from the beginning that December 1st or 2nd might be the day. We will see!

After the appointment, I got a call from the girl that is housesitting for Mike & Susan while they are in India, and their cat Eli has taken a turn for the worst. A few days before they left, they found out he had 0-3 months to live. He has a heart defect & ascites. He stopped taking his pills & eating, and they were worried that he might need to be put down. We drove over there to check him out. When he saw Landon, he started meowing & brightened up quite a bit. Landon was able to give him his pills, and we decided he was not suffering, although his breathing is labored, and he is definitely on the decline. We're going to give it another day or two and see how he does. We're glad we didn't have to rush him in to be put down tonight. That would have been really sad! As it is, Mike & Susan are going to be sad if he has to be put down while they are away. They were hoping he would hold on until they got back. Poor Eli!



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