Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a lot of fun this year taking Samuel out trick-or-treating. He wanted to be Robin Hood this year. He loves the fox cartoon version. I really should have stuck a red feather in his hat. After eating dinner @ Marco's, we walked door-to-door in our neighborhood. Halloween is a great opportunity to catch up with neighbors and to meet neighbors you hadn't had the opportunity to meet in the past. Samuel got lots of candy. We let him eat some pieces when he got home, then he had a sugar crash, and fell asleep shortly thereafter. I hid his candy and he hasn't asked for it since. I threw away all of our leftover candy, but did save what was left in his green pail. I'm hoping Halloween will always be a positive experience for Samuel. I was relieved that none of the kids we passed were dressed in scary costumes or tried to scare him. Everyone was super friendly and nice. We had a great time!


Jeremy said...

Love the costume! He looks so happy to be out trick-or-treating.

Anonymous said...

Samuel looks so cute!!! Remember when you girls would always watch ROBIN HOOD ~~ PRINCE OF THEIVES ?!
Wow!! They are not kidding when they say you turn around and life fly's by you!

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!! Maybe some year I can go out with you guys.
Love you both,

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