Dinner with Mom & Dad

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
My Mom & Dad drove up tonight to have dinner with us. We went to our favorite restaurant on the west side, Marco's. I meant to bring our camera, but we forgot. I realized the other day that I don't have one picture of Landon and I during this pregnancy. I'm sure most families have one person missing out of every photo, too, but I told Landon that we need to get a little more brave and ask people to take a family picture of us once in awhile when we're out and about. Anyway, I showed my Mom our bedroom, all the birth supplies, the birthing tub, the birthing stool, the armomatherapy, candles, and incense, as well as Samuel & the baby's room. I have so many clothes for her. I'm so glad we didn't know the gender w/ Samuel, because about 90% of his baby clothes will be adorable on a little girl as well. I bought the cosleeper last week, so everything is in place now by 38 weeks, which is when I wanted to be ready. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the big day to get here. I'm so excited to meet her, but at the same time feeling a certain level of nervousness about giving birth again.


Anonymous said...


Relax and take rest. Wishing you best of luck and my prayers for your delivery .


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how 'totally' prepared you are! Everything is done!! and in it's place for her arrival!!
I love her and Samuel's room also!! How very fun and a great room to grow in!!!
I liked your new furniture also Karli!
We had a good time at dinner last night! The place is very family friendly and good food!!
I wish I would of remembered to bring our camera so you could of posted one of you guys and us! I have gotten brave and asked people lots of times and they are usually very happy to do it!
You are getting very large Karli and she looks like she is just about ready to come out! You will do great!!! After having Samuel, you have nothing to worry about. She may come very fast and easy! I'll pray for you!

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