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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
We're pregnant!
Thought I'd post a few fun pictures of Landon and I. This pregnancy journey will soon be reaching its end. 39 weeks and counting!


Jeremy said...

What!?!?! Wait....are you sure?

Love it! Have a wonderful and very happy thanksgiving!

Annagrace said...

Oh my goodness--you're sure it wasn't just a big night of Indian food?!!!

You guys are too funny! Have a lovely and restful Thanksgiving. (you should take a picture with one of those meat thermometers near your belly saying "Done")

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!! Yo0u should put one of the Turkey thermometers by your belly button!
That is cute that you guys thought of taking these.....ever think 'Dad' would do something like that???!!!!!
Time has gone by really fast Karli-- but then I'm not the one that was pregnant !---just the Nana waiting for her granddaughter!!!

Aviva said...

Too funny! Great pic!

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