Another Beautiful Fall Day

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We headed over to NW 23rd this morning for coffee and a little shopping at New Renaissance Bookstore. I picked up some more CD's to add to my birth music playlist on my ipod, as well as some white sage bundles and lavendar/sage incense sticks. I could have spent a couple of hours in that store! While I browsed for about 30 minutes, Landon and Samuel headed to Chapman School's playground a few blocks away. Afterwards, we headed to Newberg for a birthday party for my nephew, Kaenan, who turned 6 years. We got him an all-time Dr. Seuss favorite, The Lorax, as well as some butterfly and dragon tattoos. Happy Birthday!


Jeremy said...

The leaves are awesome right now! We've gone to the park so Ian can jump in them too.

How exciting you are getting everything together. It won't be long now!

Anonymous said...

I will have to have you show me how to down-load some music to my Ipod on Thanksgiving. Dad and I can't figure it out yet.

You will have to take me to this shop sometimes Karli. It looks very cute.

I'm glad you got a Dr. Seuss book for Kaenan. It use to be Shelly's favorite book!

I was so happy to see you guys Karli!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Samuel in the leaves are absolutely "precious'!!!!
Not just because he is my grandson either --- but he is sooooooooo cute!!!!!

Aviva said...

OMG, I just LOVE that close up photo of Samuel in the leaves. You should blow that one up and hang it on the wall somewhere. It seriously looks like a professional photo! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aviva!! I think you should blow up that picture of Samuel!!!! It is just perfect!!!

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