39th Week Prenatal Appointment

Monday, November 19, 2007
Everything looked great at my prenatal appointment today. My blood pressure/pulse were normal, no sugar in my urine (there was some last week, but I had just consumed an egg nog latte, and had had little else besides that day), measuring 37 cm. on my fundal height, and her heartbeat was in the 150's. They retested again for Group B. I've been trying some natural remedies, so hopefully I'm negative this time. If I'm still positive, I'm not going to worry. The risk of a baby developing complications from Group B is very unlikely. I had some contractions again this evening for about an hour. I seem to experience contractions about every two days. There are no signs of going early. I really feel she will be two days to a week late. At my 39 week appointment with Samuel, my OB said if I hadn't had him by 40 weeks that she would want to talk with us about setting up an appointment for an induction. It's so nice to be under the care of midwives that are okay with letting our baby come when she is ready.


Annagrace said...

Oh good, I'm glad everything is looking so good! It's so nice to not be stressed about due dates, isn't it? Some women always go 44-45 weeks and still have 7-8 lb babies--so due dates are really an invention of western medicine. Almost every baby will come when he/she is ready!

I found that near the end of my pregnancy it felt really good to sit or roll my hips a bit on a pilates ball (blown up tall enough for the knees). It took a lot of pressure off my pelvis and hips.

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