40 Weeks + 1 Day

Friday, November 30, 2007
After having contractions all day yesterday, they stopped at around 10PM last night. This is actually a good thing, because for the past 3 nights, I've been able to get a full night of sleep. I've been sleeping really well, too! I woke up this morning feeling lots of energy. It's about 9:30AM, and so far, I haven't had any contractions this morning. I had planned to stay away from playgroups until after the baby arrived to keep Samuel well, but there is a small one happening this morning, and I'd like to get out of the house while I can, so Samuel and I are off in a little while. Landon is going to do some grocery shopping at New Season's tonight with Samuel, and they are going to have dinner there as well, so it will be nice to have a couple hours to myself this evening. I'll post another entry if anything happens today. Looks like she will indeed be a December baby at this point! --Karli

My Due Date, November 29th

Thursday, November 29, 2007
40 Weeks Pregnant, 7:30PM, November 29th, 2007

Passing the time painting my belly imprint, cast at 36 weeks of pregnancy.
I've reached my due date, November 29th. I'm feeling peaceful & patient right now as I wait to birth this baby. I had another round of contractions last night for about 45 minutes. Last night's were the strongest I've had yet, and the contractions included pressure, cervical, and back pain. I was able to sleep well last night. This morning, I've been having more pressure & cramping sensations, as well as contractions like last night, but they aren't very close together. I know my body is slowly preparing for childbirth. I know instinctively, though, that it won't be much longer now. Maybe another day or two. I'm thinking November 30th, December 1st or 2nd. I hear we're in for some snow on Saturday, the 1st. Wouldn't that be cool to have snow during this little girl's birth?

I picked up my pregnancy photos from the frame shop this afternoon & they are now hanging around my bedroom. They are such a nice addition to the atmosphere in my room, and I am glad they will be up for the birth. Last night, I found some navy blue sheets to use as window coverings in the office, where I think I'd like the birthing tub to be. I got fresh flowers and placed them all around the house (rosehips & aster--my favorite) in little vases I arranged. I picked up some more perineal cold packs for after delivery. I had one that came with my birth kit, but I wanted to have plenty on hand, so got four more. We have lots of food on hand for Landon and I & the midwives...everything is ready and waiting for the new baby.

A midwife I talked to yesterday told me that women typically follow their previous gestational patterns, so if you went early before, you'll most likely go early again, and if you went late, you're likely to go over again. I went into labor on my due date w/ Samuel, but didn't have him until 2 days later. I'm thinking a similar pattern will occur with this one. I'm looking forward to seeing this through in its own time and in a natural way.
P.S. November 29th is the 333rd day of the year. It was a cool due date, but won't be our child's birthday. I still feel she will be a December baby.

Joyful Birth

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon at 4:35PM with a strong contraction, and then realized I had been having them while sleeping all along. Every 8 minutes, a strong contraction came until around 8:30PM, when they started slowing down, then disappeared altogether. I really thought last night was it, but now the waiting continues. This morning I feel pretty tired, but otherwise I feel good. I was so geared up for labor last night once I realized the contractions were so consistent. Well, I'm off to New Seasons for some fresh flowers (rosehips & aster) for the house & my room.

I got my photos back from Campbell-Salgado today, then went to a framing shop to pick out framing. They'll be finished by tomorrow, which will be great, because then I can possibly have them up for the birth. They're really beautiful. You get what you pay for!


Feeling Good

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I feel better than I did a month ago. In fact, last night, I nearly slept through the night, only getting up once or twice for water or the bathroom. I'm amazed at how good I feel & the energy I have right now. I'm not making plans this week, but just staying home & trying to maintain order so that the house is nice & orderly for the birth. When I do go into labor, there are some things that Landon will need to do:
1. Set up the birth tub & fill w/ water.
2. Make the bed (fitted sheet, sheet, shower curtain, fitted sheet, sheet, quilt). That way, after the birth, there will be a made bed beneath the shower curtain, which makes a great protective covering for $2.49).
3. Set up the video camera.
4. Take Samuel to neighbor's house.
I think those are the basics, anyway.
I really don't think the baby will come this week. I'm thinking next week, but part of me acknowledges that I feel this way only because I don't want to be disappointed if she doesn't arrive this week. So, I'm telling myself it will be another week so that I don't get my hopes up. I've been declining cervical checks for the past three weeks, because I think they are unnecessary, and really only serve to get your hopes up or down. If they say you're 3 cm. & 80% effaced, you start to feel like you could go any day, but you could go another two weeks. Then, there are the moms that are 0 cm. dilated & 0% effaced, and their water breaks that night & they go into labor. So, no uncomfortable cervical checks for me!


P.S. Samuel is much better today & at preschool. I guess yesterday's illness was another 10 hour thing. He was so sick, then by last night seemed back to normal. It's amazing how quickly some of these viruses can move through a toddler. For adults, it's much different.

Rough Monday Morning

Monday, November 26, 2007
Some days just start better than others. Samuel woke up white as a sheet and shaking this morning, and I knew he was sick immediately. It actually was a very similar experience to a few weeks ago when I was supposed to host playgroup, and he overslept, then woke up sick. Shortly after he woke up, he threw up all over blankets he was covering up with on the couch. A little bit got on the couch, but I was able to clean it. Samuel went into the tub, and everything else went into the laundry. Up and down the basement stairs all morning doing laundry. Samuel laid in the bathtub feeling poorly for about an hour, then I got him up & put him back to bed. He slept for about 30 minutes, then woke up because I set off the smoke alarms making myself a breakfast scramble. Shortly thereafter, I spilled a bowl of pomegranate seeds all over the kitchen floor. The juice from the seeds splattered every which way. At this point, I started to feel sick myself, but I ate my scramble & drank lots of water, and felt much better. Later in the afternoon, I went to my prenatal appointment, and everything looks great. I only gained 1/2 a pound last week, which is amazing considering it was Thanksgiving. Blood pressure, urinalysis, pulse, baby's heartbeat--everything looks great & is normal. I'm looking forward to a normal & natural birth. I keep telling myself, "You can do this, Karli!"

This evening, I went to book-club. We discussed The Sea by John Banville. It was a good discussion, but I did start to feel extremely tired by around 8:30PM. I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow tonight; I slept soundly.

Day at Home

Sunday, November 25, 2007
After spending the last couple of days out and about, we stayed home almost all day today working on chores around the house. I worked on painting my belly cast for awhile, went and had my hair colored at Dosha, then came home & had some delicious split pea soup that Landon made. It was SO good! I had stopped on my way home from my hair appointment and picked up a loaf of olive ciabatta bread. Great dinner! Once Samuel & Landon were in bed, I stayed up, unable to sleep, and watched Dirty Pretty Things late into the night. I probably only got 5 hours of sleep. The movie was really good, but it would have been nice to have slept a little more!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

We went to six stores yesterday (A-Boy, The Bean Scene (coffee drive-through), Target, Whole Foods, GI Joe's, and Trader Joe's). It was crazy! Today, we hit Costco & New Seasons. We had to get some food for our midwives for during the birth & make sure we had lots of extras on hand from Costco. We were also getting low on diapers & wet ones, and my friend Jen said the Kirkland Costco brand of diapers/wet wipes were good, so I thought I'd try them out. I actually had wanted to do cloth diapers with this baby, but I haven't made a mental commitment to that yet, so until I know I'm willing to do the extra work, I decided not to buy them. I'd like to start out with disposables, and I'll go from there.

I haven't had any contractions today, only a few Braxton Hicks walking around Costco & New Seasons. I think this is going to be a December baby. I'll be surprised if she comes before then.

Mike & Susan are coming over tonight for pizza & to show us pictures of their trip to India. It's not a trip I think I could ever do. If anyone is interested, they have documented their trip here.

Back from India

Friday, November 23, 2007

On our way home last night from McMinnville, we were supposed to pick up Landon's parents, Mike & Susan, from the airport. They've been traveling in India since the 3rd week of October. There wasn't enough room for all of us to go, so Landon was going to drop Samuel and I off at their house, then go pick them up. When we walked in the door to his parents' house, Eli, their cat, was dead on the floor. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a couple of days before they left on their trip, and has been pretty weak the last five weeks or so that they have been gone. Besides the housesitter, Samuel and I went over there several times to keep Eli company, and Landon went over there one day as well. In the end, he wasn't quite able to hold on until they got back, but it was so close. It was such awful timing. I was pretty emotional about it, and refused to stay at the house w/ a dead cat, so Samuel and I went to the airport and picked up Mike & Susan, and Landon stayed at the house. Mike & Susan were pretty sad about Eli, and what a sad situation to come home to. They had to bury him today. He hadn't been dead long when we found him--maybe he had died that morning. Anyway, it was a sad evening, and by the time I'd watched Grey's Anatomy last night, I was so emotionally & physically exhausted that I fell right to sleep. Poor Samuel has a bad cough/cold, though, so I was up a few times w/ him.

Today, we ran around getting last minute supplies for the birth & for the new baby. It was a crazy day to be out & about--biggest shopping day of the year! In the evening, we went downtown to watch the Christmas tree lighting in Pioneer Square. What a zoo! This obese woman kept shoving me from behind. I actually thought I was in real labor the whole time we were down there, and I was in no mood to be shoved. I came SO close to going off on her. It was a mob scene. The contractions wrapped around to my back, and felt just like early labor w/ Samuel. During dinner @ Dragon Fish, however, they stopped. I had a few more off and on throughout the evening, but nothing came back consistent like it had earlier this evening. I couldn't believe how well I slept last night. We picked Samuel up some warmer pj's @ Target today, and he actually slept through the night for about the 5th time since he's been born. I slept solid from 11:30PM to 4:30PM. I can't remember the last time this pregnancy that I slept 5 hours in a row. I can really feel the difference when I get at least 4 to 5 hours in a row w/out getting up. Of course, this is the whole thing w/ having a newborn. You don't get those hours of sleep in a row. Sleeping in one to two hour increments can be pretty exhausting. I was so grateful for the deep sleep last night. No contractions, sciatic pain, baby movements--nothing. I was just able to sleep. --Karli

Thanksgiving 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We're usually down in Oakland for Thanksgiving, but this year, we got to spend the holiday with my parents in McMinnville. My Mom made a great dinner & everything was really nice. I couldn't help at all, because I'm pretty uncomfortable & tired at this point. My sisters Tracy & Shelly were unable to be there, but my sister Kristi, her son Ashton, and my brother Robby & his new wife, Sara, were all there. 2007 has been a great year & there is a lot for which to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, 2007, everyone!

Big News

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
We're pregnant!
Thought I'd post a few fun pictures of Landon and I. This pregnancy journey will soon be reaching its end. 39 weeks and counting!

The Expectant Couple

Yep, my pre-pregnancy clothes are getting a little small.

39 Weeks Pregnant with our Daughter

Will She Ever Get Here?

The sleepless nights and round ligament pain were starting to take its toll on Landon during the 39th week of pregnancy.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Samuel's preschool class had a special luncheon that included parents this morning. Landon was working, but I was there. Pictured above (left to right) are Samuel's teachers, Amanda & Tanja, and a few of the boys in his class. There are all boys in his class, which is completely coincidental, and I think there are about 10 boys altogether, so only a few are pictured above. Samuel loves his teachers & sometimes Teacher Tanja (blue scarf) babysits for us, which is a special treat for Samuel. Here is another picture of Samuel & Teacher Tanja from a field trip to the pumpkin patch in late October.

Before the luncheon, I attempted to take our cat Felix to the vet (Banfield, the Pet Hospital), but after trying two locations (walk-ins are supposedly fine, but did not work out today), I gave up & came home, then went to the luncheon. Later in the afternoon, I called & made an appointment, and we were finally able to get in at 5pm this evening. Since I brought him home from the groomers last week, an eye infection has been developing. By last night, his left eye looked pretty bad. Anyway, I don't know why these things always cost so much, but it was $150.00 for antibiotics & pain meds. I was a little irritated about the cost, but what do you do? Anyway, I don't have to worry about giving him his meds--Landon is going to take care of that. Hopefully it will clear up soon, but it could get worse, too, which means he has a chance of losing his eye. I hope it doesn't come to that. Basically, he has a corneal ulcer. Poor kitty. Hopefully, Felix will be feeling better soon. --Karli

39th Week Prenatal Appointment

Monday, November 19, 2007
Everything looked great at my prenatal appointment today. My blood pressure/pulse were normal, no sugar in my urine (there was some last week, but I had just consumed an egg nog latte, and had had little else besides that day), measuring 37 cm. on my fundal height, and her heartbeat was in the 150's. They retested again for Group B. I've been trying some natural remedies, so hopefully I'm negative this time. If I'm still positive, I'm not going to worry. The risk of a baby developing complications from Group B is very unlikely. I had some contractions again this evening for about an hour. I seem to experience contractions about every two days. There are no signs of going early. I really feel she will be two days to a week late. At my 39 week appointment with Samuel, my OB said if I hadn't had him by 40 weeks that she would want to talk with us about setting up an appointment for an induction. It's so nice to be under the care of midwives that are okay with letting our baby come when she is ready.

More Rest

Sunday, November 18, 2007
Landon and Samuel went and got groceries, then went to the duck pond, even though it was raining. I felt pretty tired again today. Last night, I had about 4 hours of contractions again. At one point, I was sitting on my birthing stool, I was so uncomfortable. I drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of hours while Landon and Samuel were gone, and took it easy for the rest of the day. Landon made some sushi & miso soup for dinner--it was really good! --Karli


Saturday, November 17, 2007

We watched a friend of Samuel's in the neighborhood for a few hours this morning, and I pretty much spent the remainder of the day resting. I felt so tired. Landon took Samuel to get a haircut, so I was able to have some alone time during the afternoon. My body definitely needed some rest today. --Karli

Week 39

Friday, November 16, 2007
So, I was 38 weeks pregnant yesterday. Today marks the first day in my 39th week of pregnancy. It's hard to believe, I know! With Samuel, I had chronic back muscle pain nearly my whole pregnancy. With this baby, it only just started this past week. She's gone through a growth spurt and my belly is now very tight & stretched to the max. My rib cage often feels painful from the pressure, something I did not experience with Samuel. RLS has decreased quite a bit. Landon and my midwives both told me that placing a bar of soap in your bed will take it away. I don't know if anyone understands why this works to alleviate RLS in some people, but apparently, it does. Maybe it's a psychological thing, and any object would do. I tried it one night, but got tired of it down by my feet, so I kicked it out of the bed. Needless to say, my RLS is so much better. Like many pregnancy discomforts, what seems like a big deal one month is a distant memory the next. For right now, I'm basically experiencing the discomforts of being very pregnant: back pain, rib pain, pelvic pressure & pain. Some nights when I roll out of bed, I swear my pubic symphysis will break in two, but it doesn't. I've been surprised at how uncomfortable the ligaments and bones in my pelvis have been during my 3rd trimester. I did not experience this with Samuel, so my assumption is that once you've given birth, pregnancy hormones are able to relax pelvic bones & ligaments that move & stretch during childbirth much more than with a first pregnancy. Anyway, overall I'm feeling great. My energy levels have been good, and I've been chipping away each day at household chores so that the house will be clean on a moment's notice when I go into labor. Landon will figure out how to set up the birthing tub this weekend. It's all starting to feel very real now. --Karli

Night Out with the Girls

Thursday, November 15, 2007
I love my handsome husband.
Not an example of fashion, mind you, but I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and my maternity wardrobe is down to a couple of shirts and two pairs of pants, one of which is just a little too tight. Anyway, I went out to dinner & dessert tonight with my friends Jen & Katie. It was so much fun, and I didn't get home until after 11pm, which hasn't happened in way too long. Jen and I had sushi in mind at first, but my favorite sushi restaurant was randomly closed for some reason, so we went out for Vietnamese, which I decided I just don't care for. I've tried Vietnamese many times, but after tonight it finally dawned on me that it just isn't my cup of tea. Afterwards, we headed to Pix and met Katie. It was a fun evening! --Karli

Dinner with Mom & Dad

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
My Mom & Dad drove up tonight to have dinner with us. We went to our favorite restaurant on the west side, Marco's. I meant to bring our camera, but we forgot. I realized the other day that I don't have one picture of Landon and I during this pregnancy. I'm sure most families have one person missing out of every photo, too, but I told Landon that we need to get a little more brave and ask people to take a family picture of us once in awhile when we're out and about. Anyway, I showed my Mom our bedroom, all the birth supplies, the birthing tub, the birthing stool, the armomatherapy, candles, and incense, as well as Samuel & the baby's room. I have so many clothes for her. I'm so glad we didn't know the gender w/ Samuel, because about 90% of his baby clothes will be adorable on a little girl as well. I bought the cosleeper last week, so everything is in place now by 38 weeks, which is when I wanted to be ready. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the big day to get here. I'm so excited to meet her, but at the same time feeling a certain level of nervousness about giving birth again.

Choosing a Name

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
During week 10 of my pregnancy, I heard a nature name on a podcast that I really loved, and Landon liked it, too. When I was 17 weeks pregnant, Landon saw a street name in downtown San Francisco that he loved for the middle name, and although I wasn't too keen on it at first, I really like it now. Anyway, since then, we haven't found any names that have topped this original name we picked out. It's an unusual name, and hasn't EVER made it into the top 1000 names in the US, unlike Samuel, which is given to one in every 25 boys born in the US. We love the name, but Landon recently came across an old-fashioned, classic girl's name which we both like, so now we're wondering if we should go classic or original. Since the first name has stuck throughout the whole pregnancy, we'll probably go with that, but at this point we have two names, and we might just wait to make a decision until she is here. Part of me likes the name to be settled before the baby is born, but this time around, it's been a struggle, and I go back and forth constantly on the name. I hope once she's here, the name will feel right...and maybe there is a reason why we haven't found another name to top this one--it could be that this name is meant to be hers.

38 Week Prenatal Appointment

Monday, November 12, 2007

Everything looks great! Blood pressure was 110/80, fundal height is 35cm, I've gained about 4 pounds over the past 3 weeks, and the baby's heartbeat was 132. My fundal height was higher last time, so maybe the baby has dropped, or maybe there was a discrepency between the midwife who measured me last time vs. this time. I had a little sugar in my urine today, which is the first time that has happened, but since it's happened so late in my pregnancy, and considering I hardly ate anything today, and what I did eat was sugar, that is probably the reason. I'm going to try to reduce my sugar intake over the next week, eat more protein, and hopefully by next Monday I'll have a normal urinalysis again. I'll also retest on the group b next week.

I was really tired today! Samuel's sick w/ a cold, so I was up a lot w/ him. Also, I had contractions between 2am and 6am that kept me awake. They were strong enough to be uncomfortable, and definitely stronger than any contractions I had before going into labor w/ Samuel, but they disappeared eventually, just like last week.

Long Walk

Sunday, November 11, 2007
Today was a hard day for me. I haven't been sleeping well, and I think it's starting to affect me mentally and physically. I had little energy today. After feeling anxious all afternoon, I decided what I needed was a long walk, so we went down to NW 23rd, had sushi (vegetarian sushi for me) and miso soup, and walked the length of 23rd, then back on 21st. I had lots of contractions while we were walking, but I felt so much better mentally after the walk. We stopped in at Moonstruck Chocolates for a dessert. It was a great way to end the weekned, and was just what I needed.

Birth Supplies Collected!

Saturday, November 10, 2007
We were busy most of the day driving around getting supplies for the birth. We now have everything! I hope to be less busy over the next two weeks (aside from Thanksgiving) as the birth approaches. --Karli

Quiet Afternoon

Friday, November 09, 2007
I had a nice visit this morning with my friend, Andrea, and her two boys this morning. Samuel and Ian, who are only 4 days apart in age, had a lot of fun playing together. I've known Andrea and her husband Jeremy since I attended PBC 1995-97. Has it been 12, almost 13 years, already!? It was great to see her & talk about my upcoming birth. Andrea gave birth to her second son naturally, and it's encouraging to me to talk with other moms that have been through a childbirth experience that I'm about to have myself.

Okay, here is a quick little belly shot of my henna tattoo. It's a peacock, leaves, and flowers. I'm lounging at the moment in sweats & a tank, and am about ready to lay down to do some reading, but I thought I'd take a quick shot with photo booth on my Mac just for fun. Landon came home from work early and took Samuel to OMSI, so I have the afternoon to myself! I'm enjoying a quiet house & looking forward to a quiet afternoon. Tonight, Landon has a family-friendly gig @ 6PM, and we plan to eat out beforehand. I'm looking forward to the rest of the day.

This weekend, I will be out and about collecting all the remaining supplies I need to have on-hand for the birth. I'll be 38 weeks next Thursday, and want everything in place by that time so that we're ready should I go early. At my prenatal appointment on Monday, we'll pick up the heated birth tub & birthing stool, so everything should be in place in a few days.

P.S. Landon will take some more belly shots this weekend, which I'll post here over the next few days.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I got a henna belly tattoo this morning. I'll post pictures of my tattoo tomorrow once the cotton wrap comes off & the color has set. It will be fun to have my belly decorated for these last few weeks of pregnancy.

Checked a couple more things off my list. Bought the cosleeper, and took our long-haired cat, Felix, in to be groomed. I didn't want a mangy cat around w/ a new baby. We have to shave him twice a year because his coat gets matted.

I tested positive for group b, which I'm not that worried about. I'm trying a couple of natural remedies that will hopefully get rid of the bacteria and will get retested in a week.


Hard Day

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The pumpkin in this picture is sad, I know!
I had a hard day today, and I'm not sure why, but I think it's just a pregnancy thing that happens every once in awhile. I felt like I couldn't cope. Luckily, by this evening, after relaxing in my room, I was able to get on top of my feelings & my sense of well-being was restored once again.

Belly Imprint at Zenana

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I had a relaxing experience this morning at Zenana Spa and Wellness Center. I haven't been seeing my massage therapist now for a couple of months, so I've been missing my frequent massages! My appointment was for a belly imprint. Above is a picture taken by the massage therapist just after she applied the product & while we were waiting for it to dry. I was given a foot, hand, and shoulder massage during that time. Afterwards, I had a nice, hot shower. I felt so relaxed and rejeuvenated, not to mention excited about my belly cast, which I can now paint and have as a keepsake of pregnancy. Zenana is a wonderful spa that supports women in pregnancy & motherhood. They offer childcare while Moms use spa services, and in addition provide many educational classes for parents, dance & yoga, lactation support, acupuncture...the list goes on. Check out the hyperlink to their website above to see a list of the services they offer. Since I booked an additonal service today, I received a discount on my next visit, so I'm heading back down there on Saturday for a pedicure. What pregnant woman wants to go through childbirth without pretty feet? Not this one! --Karli

P.S. Oregonians...don't forget to turn in your ballots by 8PM tonight! Vote YES on 49 and 50!

Home Visit

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tonight my midwives came to our house for my 36 week appointment. I'm actually almost 37 weeks now. They looked at our house, made some suggestions about where to put the birth tub, and I showed them were I'm keeping all of the supplies for the birth and familiarized them with our house and where things are. I still have a few more supplies to gather for the birth, but I'm just about all set. We'll pick up the birthing tub at my appointment next week, and Landon will make sure we have all the necessary attachments for hooking it up to our shower head for hot water. I think I'll put it in the living room, but it could also go in our office or dining area. I don't even know how much I'll use it during labor, but it will be good to have it on hand just in case. We'll also pick up a birthing stool at next week's appointment. It's funny, but their other client that was due around me went into labor the night I was having contractions. Hers ended up being a 3 day birth, so my midwives were relieved that my contractions were only a false alarm. I only just told them about the incident this evening, and I'm glad I didn't call on Thursday, because it sounded as though they had their hands full. Because I had had so many contractions, though, I did request that they do a cervical check tonight, and everything looks great. Her head is low (-1), I'm about 45% effaced, and not dilated. I really do think I'll go full-term. I've thought from the beginning that December 1st or 2nd might be the day. We will see!

After the appointment, I got a call from the girl that is housesitting for Mike & Susan while they are in India, and their cat Eli has taken a turn for the worst. A few days before they left, they found out he had 0-3 months to live. He has a heart defect & ascites. He stopped taking his pills & eating, and they were worried that he might need to be put down. We drove over there to check him out. When he saw Landon, he started meowing & brightened up quite a bit. Landon was able to give him his pills, and we decided he was not suffering, although his breathing is labored, and he is definitely on the decline. We're going to give it another day or two and see how he does. We're glad we didn't have to rush him in to be put down tonight. That would have been really sad! As it is, Mike & Susan are going to be sad if he has to be put down while they are away. They were hoping he would hold on until they got back. Poor Eli!


Another Beautiful Fall Day

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We headed over to NW 23rd this morning for coffee and a little shopping at New Renaissance Bookstore. I picked up some more CD's to add to my birth music playlist on my ipod, as well as some white sage bundles and lavendar/sage incense sticks. I could have spent a couple of hours in that store! While I browsed for about 30 minutes, Landon and Samuel headed to Chapman School's playground a few blocks away. Afterwards, we headed to Newberg for a birthday party for my nephew, Kaenan, who turned 6 years. We got him an all-time Dr. Seuss favorite, The Lorax, as well as some butterfly and dragon tattoos. Happy Birthday!


Saturday, November 03, 2007

We had lunch this afternoon at Tony Bento across from Buffalo Exchange off Hawthorne. It's one of our favorite bento places in Portland. Afterwards, we went for a short walk down Hawthorne. We stopped in at Clogs N'More Kids to look at rain boots for Samuel, but ended up getting him new shoes instead. We were surprised to find out after they measured his feet that he'd grown two sizes since his last pair of shoes, which were pinching his toes unbeknownst to me! We got him a pair of Keen's, which will hold up well throughout the winter. I can't believe it, but he's in size 11's already! When I got home, my friend Colleen came by for a visit. It was good to catch up with her. It was a fun day!

Happy Fall

Friday, November 02, 2007

This is a little paper tree that grows when submerged in water. I'm not sure what reaction takes place, but it was like $1.00 at Thinker Toys, so I got one for Samuel. You can see where he touched it on the lower left-hand corner. I'm enjoying all this beautiful weather we've been having. It makes up for all the rain we had in September & most of October.

November--the Month of my Due Date!

Thursday, November 01, 2007
I started having contractions (not Braxton-Hicks) tonight around 9PM while I was watching Grey's Anatomy. They came every minute or less and continued on throughout the night. Sometime around 11am the next day, they went away, and I haven't had any since. I didn't call my midwives or anything, but they are coming over to our house for a home visit on Monday, so it will be interesting to see if I dilated at all. I really don't think she will come early, but you never know.
P.S. Our new couches can be seen in the background, although this isn't a great picture of them.
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