Sick Day

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I knew Samuel was unwell at 3am when he was sweating and said his room was too hot. He didn't want to sleep with any covers, and it was only about 65 degrees in the house. When he woke up, his first words were, "Mommy, I'm going to throw up." He didn't, but was sweaty & shaking, and ended up spending all day until about 2pm laying on the futon watching cartoons and movies. Then, at 2pm, he got up from the futon and said he felt better. He took a long nap shortly thereafter, and has been back to normal since waking up. I'm SO glad this was such a short-lived virus! We stayed home all day, but I got caught up on laundry. I actually felt kind of sick, too, so laid down with Samuel on the futon for part of the morning. Luckily, we didn't have any plans today, and now that Samuel seems to be better, he can go to school tomorrow morning. So far, he hasn't missed a day. He really enjoys it, so I'm glad that his illnesses haven't conflicted with a school day, although it's because of his school days that he gets sick to begin with. Fortunately, those Emergen-C packets are preventing him from catching every cold & bug that goes around. I usually only give him a portion of the packet with his sippy cup. I've been taking some, too, and I swear it makes me feel so much better! It could be one of the reasons that I've had some extra energy lately.

Oh, and our room is just about complete! The quilt for our bed came today from Pottery Barn, and it looks great! I've posted some pictures below. I'll take some more tomorrow during the day so the color of paint will show up better. All I have to do now is get a wall mirror, art for the walls, a small tapestry for my nightstand, and find out where to get some objects to set around the room for the birth. I loved the little Mexican ocarina giving birth in Ina May's book, but I have no idea where to get this. I also love the birth flower, and would love a small print of this for our room, but after spending some time tonight looking online, I'm at a loss where I find these things. I'm also considering buying a birth stool, but I'd rather borrow one if possible. I plan to ask my midwives about it at my next appointment.

P.S. Here are some before shots of our bedroom. These shots were taken before we moved in last summer, with the exception of the last one, and unfortunately, that was the only picture I had of our bedroom with our old stuff--sorry, Landon!


Annagrace said...

It's so pretty! It's coming together just in time, huh?

Annagrace said...

Oh- and Pea keeps asking to look at this picture of Samuel and then pointing and chattering!

Anonymous said...

your house looks like it has some great character! i really like the rug in your bedroom. makes me miss my Turkish carpets being stored in my in-law's basement.

Jeremy said...

Ohhhh how pretty! I love seeing the pictures of your room.

And I'm so glad Samuel is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I still love the African Print above your bed you brought back from Africa! It seems so LONG ago now!
It is hard to see the 'color' of your walls in the picture~~but I remember from when I saw it.
Your quilt is nice but I hope it will not get ruined during the birth.
I've never given birth at home so I think of those things. I'm sure the mid-wives have it all figured out!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sorry Samuel was sick again! Poor little guy!
I love this picture of him with you though!!!!

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