Pumpkins in October

Saturday, October 13, 2007
Landon played downtown this afternoon for a small event put on by Kathleen's of Dublin to celebrate the opening of her new store on Salmon St. Our friends Miriam & Sylvia were there, and Samuel and Sylvia had a lot of fun dancing, clapping, and making each other laugh. After a few hours, the gig was over, and we headed to Sauvie Island to get some pumpkins and have some fun. The weather was so beautiful! It was a perfect October day.
Here is one of my favorite pictures of Samuel, who loved picking out pumpkins and going for many rides on the tractor/flatbed around the big farm. There were lots of Canadian geese flying overhead, beautiful oak trees, and acres and acres of farmland. We had doughnuts, hot cider, dinner, listened to live music, Landon & Samuel danced, and we stayed until late for the bonfires and night hay-rides. Traffic was backed up for hours waiting to get off the island, so we decided to stay at the farm for the evening. It was so much fun that I nearly forgot I was so pregnant. We arrived around 5:30pm, and didn't leave until after 9pm. Traffic was at a standstill on the island until around 8:30. I had never been to Sauvie Island during the fall season. We plan to make this an annual family tradition. See Samuel's Blog for more pictures of our trip.


Annagrace said...

I love Sauvie Island--I want to live there!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Samuel with the pumpkin but I also love the picture of you and Samuel!!
Sounds like you had a really nice time!! I have never been there but would like to someday!

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