Prenatal Appointment--34 Weeks

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm celebrating my pregnancy--that's what my midwives tell me. Next Friday, I am doing a pregnancy photo shoot at Campbell-Salgado with Samuel to capture pregnancy and motherhood. At 36 weeks, I'm going to have a belly cast made that I can paint at Zenana Spa and Wellness Center. I'm also continuing to work on final preparations for our home birth in November. I'm planning to shop around this weekend for birth art, birth objects, aromatherapy and massage oils, candles, and other objects that will give me strength and promote relaxation while I labor and give birth. Everything is coming together. Lately, I've been feeling peaceful and joyful in anticipation of giving birth. Now that the baby has moved into a head-down position, my belly has become more round and pronounced. So far, I've gained about 35 pounds. My uterus is measuring 33 cm., and my pulse and blood pressure are still completely normal. I talked with my midwives today about a birthing stool, and they have one they will bring for the birth. They loaned me a Sage Femme birthing video called Birth Day that Landon and I watched; it was amazing. We've rented the heated birthing tub for pain relief and/or a waterbirth, and I got my last bottle of prenatal vitamins, as well as some cramp bark for afterpains and calendula to sooth sore and tender areas after the birth. For my 36 week appointment, my midwives will visit our home. I will have my Group B strep culture done at that time. We've decided to decline the eye drops, since there is no chance in our case of transmitting an STD to the baby, have the midwives adminster the Vitamin K orally rather than by injection, and are doing the heel prick after birth to test for certain disorders like PKU. The blood type will be determined by testing the baby's cord blood. If her blood type is the same as mine, I won't have to get a 2nd injection of Rho-GAM. Samuel had Landon's positive blood type, but there is a chance this baby might have my blood type (A-). Because I have a negative blood type, I have what is called the Rh factor. Only 15% of the population has a negative blood type. Anyway, there will be very little intervention with me or the baby unless medically necessary, which makes me feel very peaceful about the upcoming birth.

After my appointment, we celebrated my sister Shelly's 26th birthday at Outback Steakhouse. Happy Birthday, Shelly! Love you! --Karli


Jeremy said...

Sounds like things are really coming together!

The cramp bark tincture and calendula really helped me. And we pretty much chose the same things as far as eye drops and vitamin K as you are. I was amazed at all the decisions we had to make for the birth. It's funny, I wasn't asked anything in the hospital for Ian's birth! I think I really liked being able to make decisions this time around.

How fun about the maternity pictures and belly cast. I may have to think about that the next time!

Amy said...

It's getting so exciting!!! I can't wait to see your pregnancy photos!

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