Photo Session, New Furniture

Friday, October 26, 2007

Today was a big day! This morning, Samuel and I headed down to Campbell-Salgado for a pregnancy photo session. Samuel was in many of the photos with me. I won't see the photos until Wed. of next week, and I'm looking forward to seeing them & selecting pictures to be framed for the house.

After the photo session, Landon took the afternoon off, and we headed to IKEA, where we got some new furniture (new dining table, TV stand, 2 floor lamps, and a bench for storing shoes & sitting). We gave away our old furniture to some guys in our neighborhood & a woman from craigslist took our Ethan Allen armoire. I figured it was worth it to give the stuff away for free, as these people were doing us a favor in a way by hauling it away. I don't think we could have made much on selling it anyway, with the exception of the armoire. I think entertainment armoires are sort of going out of style anyway, as many people are opting for mounted flat screens these days. It's nice to finally be able to do with our living room what I've been wanting to do since we moved in. Tomorrow, we're going to shop for some new couches. We've had our futons since before we were married, and they are so uncomfortable!



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