Late-Night Concert

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Our whole family went out for a late-night Nellie McKay concert at the Aladdin Theater. Samuel was such a good boy! We waited outside in the rain, then an hour inside for the 8pm show. There was an opening band, which was a cello player named Gideon Freudmann. By the time Nellie came on, it was nearly 9:30pm. She was great! Samuel fell asleep on our laps, and we had a fun time. Nellie McKay is incredibly talented for 24. My favorite album is "Pretty Little Head." Seeing her live was quite interesting. She had Landon and I laughing a few times. She has a shy and awkward stage presence, but it's what makes Nellie, well, Nellie. Definitely check her out if you aren't familiar with her music. She plays piano & ukulele. Here is a youtube clip of her song "Ding-dong" from 2006:


Anonymous said...

She is a little strange for me.
I don't really identify with her music either ~~~~ but that's just me.

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