Saturday, October 06, 2007

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Landon is such a great husband! He let me sleep in this morning until 10am (at which point I woke up on my own), and my breakfast was set out and waiting for me when I woke up. After spending an hour in bed reading my new favorite book which I discussed on yesterday's blog posting, he left with Samuel so they could get haircuts. He brought me back a pumpkin spice latte, then put Samuel down for a nap. I read all afternoon. Now, he is at a birthday party for a friend of ours with Samuel at the community center. Samuel's having fun playing in the indoor play-park and eating cupcakes, I am sure. I really needed the rest and time to myself. Thanks for being such a great husband and father, Landon! You're the best! --Karli


Amy said...

What a great husband you have!! Us moms need those times every once in awhile.

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