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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Okay, part of my personality is that I really don't like holding onto anything that isn't being used any longer. Storage piles that are growing make me nervous. I'm a frequent donator at Goodwill, and I never hesitate to pass along clothes or toys that we are no longer using. Anyway, I have all these bridesmaid dresses from over the years that at the time I thought I needed to hold onto, but for what? I could make money by selling those dresses on ebay NOW! So, I thought I'd start w/ my bridesmaid dress from my brother Robby's wedding in June, because it's actually still being sold by David's Bridal. I was surprised at how many people were interested, and I made a little extra cash. To my amazement, there are women out there that collect gowns. After I sold my dress, I ran an auction for my sister's dresses from the same wedding, and a bridal boutique owner in England bought all three of those. Sweet! So, now to get auctions started for the next bridesmaid dress in line. I might also sell off some of the accessories to my wedding dress, although I'm going to keep my actual dress since I'm now having a daughter that might be interested in seeing it some day. But, the petticoat, shoes, veil, tiara...all that can be sold. It's kind of fun being a seller on ebay. I also sometimes put stuff on craigslist, but that isn't as fun, because there are a lot of people on there that never show up when they say they will, and you end up waiting around a lot. But, for items that can be mailed, ebay is great. When I start selling off some of our old furniture, craigslist will have to do. I wish there was a way, though, on craigslist to give potential buyer feedback. It's just annoying when someone says they'll be there at 3pm to look at a mattress you want to sell, and they never show. It kind of kills the middle of your day with all the waiting around. Here is a link to a craigslist ad that Landon ran recently. I hate to admit it, but the wife in the ad was me. Just for the record, though, I didn't KNOW there were glowing embers in the fireplace at the time. It was pretty darn scary when the vacuum was on fire & the living room was engulfed instantly in a cloud of smoke. Samuel said, "Mommy, don't do that again."


Anonymous said...

I went to it to read it Karli, and it said that it had expired!
Maybe you can cut/paste it so I can read it - out of interest!

Just for the record Karli, I did the same thing one time when we lived in the country!! Pretty scarry! Things could of been so much worse!

Aviva said...

If it's not already too late, I just wanted to suggest you keep your tiara too. My sister and I were unable to wear my mom's gorgeous wedding dress because she's much smaller boned than either of us. But we both wore her headpiece. (My sister had to replace the veil, which didn't age well. I wore the same veil my sister did.) Anyway, your daughter might not be able to wear your dress -- or might want a different style -- but the tiara could still be a neat piece that she could wear and have that tie to you. And they don't take up that much room. You can usually put them in the same box as your dress. Just thought I'd share, even though it's long past when you posted this. :)

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