Sunday, October 14, 2007
I'm enjoying all the garden spiders this time of year (at least as long as they stay outside!). Many of the spiders have camped out in the same spots for many weeks now, and just yesterday, after feeling sorry for one in particular that has had a hard time catching a meal, Samuel and I put a dead earwig in its web & watched it feast all morning long. Samuel was so enthralled with watching it wrap the earwig up in its silk. Samuel loves spiders, and has a special container with a magnifying glass for catching bugs and examining them. Usually I let Landon help him with that favorite activity. Although I find garden spiders interesting, I'm totally phobic when it comes to insects. I am trying to participate to some degree, however, as it's all part of being a Mom to a growing boy. I'm going to have to draw the line when it comes to reptiles, however! No pet snakes in this house!
The weather has been so beautiful this weekend. It's been quite rainy so far this fall, so I've appreciated the dry, cool, fall weather the past few days. Above is a picture of a maple tree centered between two Linden trees across the street from our house.
Here is a fall pumpkin, one of the products from our first vegetable garden. Happy fall!
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Anonymous said...

I hate spiders --- well inside! I diffently hate snakes!!

Beautiful picture of the trees!!!

How nice that you grew such a nice pumpkin!!

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