Monday, October 29, 2007
I felt so much better this morning, but at the same time wanted to take it easy, even though I felt like I had energy to spare. Samuel and I headed up to Multnomah Village to get his Robin Hood costume @ Thinker Toys. I will post a picture on Halloween. Stopped at Fred Meyer to get Halloween candy & light bulbs for our new floor lamps from IKEA, and then stopped at Landon's office to show Landon Samuel's costume. It's so cute! I spent the rest of the day at home resting, doing laundry, and organizing the house from the weekend. When the house isn't in order, I start to sense stress and panic in myself, because I feel like if I went into labor right then that I wouldn't be able to relax with the house in disarray. The house looks great now, though, and is all ready for the new couches to be delivered. By Halloween, everything should be back in place.

I forgot to mention over the weekend that when we were at IKEA on Friday I met a very pregnant woman who was walking around with a beautiful henna tattoo on her belly. I asked her where she had it done, and she said her Japanese friend who lives in SE did it. She said she's very talented & it took her a short time to paint the beautiful design around her belly. She gave me her number, and I'm hoping to schedule an appointment to have a henna tattoo on my belly. I think it will be fun for these last weeks of pregnancy.


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