Birth Objects

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Landon and Samuel headed to OMSI this morning, so I had some free time to get some birth objects for my room. I would still like to hang up art on the walls, but until I find the right art, I'd prefer the walls to be blank. What I purchased: the massage oil warmer will provide aromatherapy during the birth. The figure of the woman giving birth I thought was pretty cool, and the various stones (bloodstones, moonstones, and others) all have different meanings, mostly representing strength, focus, healing, and positive energy. The tapestry, from a world market on Hawthorne, is from India. I also got a rock salt votive holder in orange that my massage therapist had in her massage room. I loved it so much that I got one for my room as well. It's sitting next to the bed on my nightstand, so is not pictured above. Rock salt votive holders are made from 100% rock salt, and release negative ions into the air, which counteracts positive ions released by electronic equipment. They are natural air cleansers, and are beautiful when lit. All these birth objects will contribute to a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and birth experience for me.


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