Sick Little Boy

Sunday, September 23, 2007
Samuel's pretty sick right now. He was in a lot of pain last night, and after Landon got him to sleep twice sitting upright with him, he would wake right up as soon as we put him back down. Laying horizontal seemed to cause painful pressure in his ear, especially his left one. OHSU doesn't have urgent care, so at around 11pm, we decided to take him up to the ER. Unfortunately, this experience was a complete nightmare. The health system is so screwed up. It took nearly 4 hours. They weren't even busy. Samuel fought pretty hard, so it was nearly impossible for them to get a look in his ears. Finally, they sent us home with a prescription for amoxicillin, some numbing drops, and advised us to give him Tylenol and Motrin. We had to wait for an hour between when they said they'd write a prescription and when they actually got us the prescription. So ridiculous. We didn't get home until almost 4am, and by that time, Samuel was at least feeling a little better due to the drops. Unfortunately, four hours later (around 8am), he had a fever, which he didn't have in the ER. He vomited Friday night, and has since said several times that he feels like he's going to throw-up, and we run to the bathroom with him, but he doesn't. Tylenol isn't bringing his fever down. He won't let me get a complete reading. The thermometer errors between 101 and 102. Based on how he's acting, I don't think his temperature is much higher than that, but I'm going to keep trying to take it. He's been sleeping on and off all morning. Right now, he's laying on the futon with Landon. He's too sick to do anything else. Last fall/winter, he had 6 ear infections, and we were almost to the point where they wanted him referred to a ENT specialist to talk about getting tubes put in. We might have to look into that possibility in the near future to help with his chronic infections. The thing is, the antibiotics don't do anything for viral infections--only bacterial. Many ear infections are viral, so I don't even know if the amoxicillin will help in this case. We're just going to have to wait it out. I want to avoid the ER at all cost after the poor service last night, so I'm hoping to have Samuel seen tomorrow morning with our family practitioner. Of course, I don't know that there is much she can do that hasn't already been done. I think we're just going to have to wait this one out. --Karli


Anonymous said...

Oh Karli, I'm so sorry to hear about poor little Samuel still being sick. And you must be wiped out after the night at the ER. I sure hope he gets better soon and that you get some time to recuperate a bit.

Annagrace said...

Let me know if you need/want a coffee run....or anything else. I'm so sorry it's been so rough!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that he is so sick! I hate it when my kids are sick!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

OK, I'm going to offer up some advice. I tried to read back through your posts to get some info before I went ahead but I couldn't find what I was looking for so you're probably doing all the stuff I'm going to mention but just in case...

Emi also gets really bad ear infections in the winter (although this last winter wasn't too bad so maybe Samuel will grow out of it) but it's never been bad enough for the surgeries so I needed to figure out how to help her fight them. The thing I noticed that helped the most was regular sleep. If we had a few busy days, I really had to keep my eye on her because that's when she was the most susceptible. She's slept 12 hours at night regularly since she was 7 months old and she took an afternoon nap until just last year.

Also, if I noticed that she had even a slight runny nose I started her on a cold medicine right away. Even if the snot was clear (not an infection) I found that it would go right to her ears and within a few days she was in pain and we had to take her to the doctor (which she hated). If a cold turned into something more serious (fevers, green snot, coughing) I would give her a 1/4 dose of NyQuil before she went to bed at night. I know that sounds crazy but the medicine in Japan is not strong and NyQuil would calm her cough and knock her out for the night so that her body could fight the cold while she was sleeping. I would also be really careful while giving her a bath so that water didn't get in her ears and make her drink lots of water or other fluids.

It was like I was on Emi-Watch 24 hours a day in case anything changed. I used to have really bad ear infections when I was little and I remember that my mom always had one eye on me at all times. Even just that made me feel better.

Anyways, like I said, you're probably doing all of this but I couldn't find anything about Samuel's sleeping habits, etc. so I just thought I would share.

I hope this winter goes better for you. We're still having 80 degree weather right now so I'm missing the Fall in Portland.


Betsy said...

Karli! Why do things have to be so stressful during this pregnancy? I told someone the other day I'm a few boils away from starting to feel like Job! I keep waiting for my friends to tell me to curse God and die like Job's friends did! I have a friend who's son had a chronic ear infection and she took him to a naturopathic doctor as a last resort not wanting to do tubes and with a few dietary changes, he was totally healthy and hasn't had any ear infections since. I know for sure she cut out wheat and dairy...I'm not sure what Samuel eats...but she might have cut out a couple other things too.

Anonymous said...

wow!! YOU HAVE A LOT OF ADVICE kARLI. All good......just trust God to heal him Karli, and I think you are doing all that you can for him. You are a very good Mother, Karli, and I think it just has to run it's course.
Love you,

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