Prenatal Testing/Ultrasound

Monday, September 10, 2007

First thing this morning, I had an appointment with my midwives to have my glucose & hemoglobin tests, as well as my RhoGAM shot since I am Rh-. My glucose test came back at 110, which is great, and my hemoglobin levels were 11.5, which is also good. It was 13 before, and it always drops around this time due to the increase in blood volume, and anything above 9 or so is normal, so I can rest easy. One quick note about the glucose test is that I didn't have to drink the solution. The midwives test by doing a random finger prick. Of course, they will continue to watch for any symptoms for gestational diabetes, such as spilling sugar in my urine, but so far, no worries. The RhoGAM shot was uncomfortable, as it burns when they inject it, but it was over quickly, and before I knew it, I was out the door and on my way.

For fun, I went down to OHSU this afternoon for a 3D ultrasound to get some third trimester photos of the baby. My sister Tracy was able to hook me up, so it was free of charge. Here are some photos from that visit. Her arms were covering her face most of the time, so it was pretty difficult to get some good shots, but these were the best the sonographer was able to get after trying for about 30 minutes. She was opening her eyes a lot, which was neat to see on 3D. Everything looks good & she has filled out a lot since my 20 week ultrasound. She is currently head down, but she likes to move around a lot, so I doubt she's there to stay for too long. As long as she flips down after week 34, I don't mind her moving around in the meantime. November is just around the corner...I am looking forward to meeting her! I'm amazed at how closely she resembles Samuel!



Amy said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!!! I really hope I get a 3D ultrasound of this baby in the third trimester too! It is so crazy how you can see her features so clearly!

Anonymous said...

Karli, those pictures are great! I am so excited for you. Having a little girl is a different adventure - one you will love.


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