Needing a Break

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Okay, there's been too much stress around here lately. Today, I was looking forward to sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, drinking a hot latte, and writing out some long overdue note-cards for some friends while Samuel was at preschool, but while at the bookstore picking out the cards, I remembered that I had a chiropractic appointment that I'd failed to enter into my google calendar. I had just enough time to leave the bookstore and drive to my appointment. After the appointment, I stopped for a bagel & some coffee on the way home, and then sat in the coffee shop's parking lot to make a quick call to Landon. After leaving, I was feeling glad that I still had an hour before I had to pick up Samuel from preschool to rest a little, and was looking forward to meeting my friend Sarah & her son Ben for lunch shortly after. So, on the way home, I was heading south on Barbur when a Widmer beer truck headed north on Barbur hit the median, which sent one of his side doors flying up and two kegs of beer flying across the median and towards my car. By braking, I was able to avoid one of the two, but one of the kegs hit my car on my front bumper. For a minute, with these kegs briefly air-bound, then rolling at a high speed towards my car with me going about 45mph, I really wasn't sure how this accident was going to play out. Fortunately, my bumper caught the keg and not my windshield. I felt okay at the time, but since the accident, my neck has felt sore. I'm so glad Samuel wasn't with me. It was a traumatic accident for me. I've spent most of the day trying to recover, and the other part dealing with insurance adjusters and making appointments w/ my midwife & chiropractor to get checked out tomorrow. Oh, and I had to cancel my lunch plans w/ Sarah & Ben, which I'd really been looking forward to.

Anyway, what's up with the latest string of events? Samuel's scary bike incident, then his cold/cough of last week, which led into a high fever and ear infection and nightmare ER experience over the weekend, and now this MVA. Also, Samuel's new bed rail broke tonight, and now I need to take it back & figure out which bed rail to get next.

Not only that, I hosted book-club last night, and chose to reserve the balcony down at Bella Espresso, but whoever took my reservation gave it to someone else instead, so when I got there, some health & wellness group had the balcony, and my book-club had to meet downstairs by the noisy water feature. Some of the women weren't so keen on meeting there to begin with, but I told them to give it a try and that it would be fun. Well, it turned out okay, but really wasn't ideal since the balcony fell through (not literally), and some of the women complained that they couldn't hear w/ the high ceilings. I like things to go the way I plan them when I host events, so it stressed me out that it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. The balcony would have been perfect. The rest of the coffee shop, not so much. Bella did give me a $10.00 gift card to show their apologies, but still...the stress of it all!

I really need life to return to normal quickly and stay that way until the baby is born! I don't know if I can take anymore physical or emotional stress!

P.S. Samuel was completely well by today, so I took him to preschool. I'm just hoping that he doesn't contract a new virus this week! Thanks to Andrea & Sarah for the great advice.


Jeremy said...

How scary! I'm so glad you are okay. I can't imagine how scary that must have been. Did you stop at the scene? I'm sure people started freaking out when they saw a pregnant woman get out of the car!

Yay I'm so glad Samuel is feeling better. What a relief.

Sounds like you could use some boring days and a few good massages. :-)

Amy said...

How scary! I'm so glad to hear that you are okay! That is the last thing you need.

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