Happy 28th Birthday, Landon!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Samuel and I had a nice birthday celebration tonight with Landon. We went out to dinner at Marco's, then came home and Landon opened up his presents...new leather wallet, lots of new shirts from REI, a book called On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins that he's been wanting to read (later I found out that his Dad had already ordered this book online, so I had to return it, as he wants to borrow his Dad's copy), and some new earphones for his ipod. We had little cheesecake cupcakes, and Samuel blew out Landon's candle just as I was setting it on the table. He was really into Landon's birthday this year, and it's fun now that he's so aware of what's going on. He handed Landon all his presents, and was really excited for me to sing happy birthday. Of course, he was the most excited for his cupcake. Happy Birthday, Landon! We love you!


Annagrace said...

I love Marco's! There used to be one in NE, near where I used to live on Fremont, and I have good memories of dinners with friends and family. I'll have to check out the SW one...so much of my life is NoPo and NE these days that I kind of forget about the other side of town...

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