Crazy Day

Friday, September 28, 2007
I'm ready for a slow-paced weekend.
6AM-Got up & ran to Fred Meyer to get supplies to remake the meal for a Mom in my group.
8PM-finished making quiche & hopped in the shower.
9AM-met medical claims adjuster @ Starbucks to sign paperwork.
1PM--dropped off 1/2 the chilaquiles I originally made for the Mom @ Landon's parents house so it wouldn't go to waste. Kept the other 1/2 for dinner tonight.
2PM--chiropractic appointment for my stiff neck due to auto accident.
4PM--Arrived home, put dinner in the oven, and called it a day.
7PM--Landon and Samuel made chocolate chip cookies.
7:30PM--I ate warm chocolate chip cookies in front of a crackling fire. Great way to end a busy day!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a very full day for a pregnant Mom!! How nice at the end of the day though!
Love you,

I remember those days so well -- especially living them through you!

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