Cold & Flu Season is Here

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Samuel is sick this weekend with a cough/cold, and is feeling pretty awful, so I've been home with him most of the day. Landon had an afternoon session & a gig tonight, so he hasn't been around too much today. I'm a little annoyed that Samuel picked up a virus w/in the first two days of school. It's a little overwhelming when I think about another fall/winter of having constant cold & flu viruses cycling through our house, and I'm nervous about that happening with a new baby. I was up quite a bit with him last night as his cough kept him up a lot. I feel sorry for him that he's sick & not feeling well, but don't know how to avoid these viruses other than keep him home all fall & winter away from other kids, and that isn't good for him either. I'm going to talk to his teacher at school and make sure they are making a conscious effort to wash their hands before snack time. I'm starting to get his cold now, too, so guess we'll just take it easy this weekend until everyone's on the mend.


Jeremy said...

Oh no! I can't believe the cold and flu season is starting already.

I've decided to really focus this winter on upping our immune systems so we don't get sick. Some of it may be inevitable but hopefully we can avoid most of it.

My suggestions are making sure he (and you) gets a daily dose of Vitamin C such as Emergen-C. It's similar to Airborne but better for you. You can get it at health stores or even Fred comes in little packets that make a fizzy drink. Vitamin C will not only prevent sickness but help your body get over one quicker. When I had the flu during my pregnancy my midwife said I could take up to 5000mg a day to help get over it.

Take probiotics daily. There are hundreds of different kinds...any will do just make sure they are the refrigerated kind. They will help keep the digestion moving where most sicknesses start.

And try to avoid sugar because white sugar weakens the immune system by 70% per teaspoon per hour!

I know there are other things you can do but these are some of the basics. If Ian was in preschool and already getting sick I too would want to figure out how to avoid it!

Hope you don't mind the suggestions. Good luck and I hope you all feel better.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

One thing I find that helps with colds and coughs is steam. In Japan, our bathtub is in it's own room so I turn on the hot water until the room is all steamy and then we go in for our bath with the water at the regular temperature. The moisture really helps combat the cough. It's hard to do in a regular bathroom but you could run the shower with the shower curtain drawn and then play together in there with the door closed. Humidifiers are nice but it's hard to use them in an open room.

Kiwi is high in vitamin C, too!

Anonymous said...

I have used and still do in the winter~~the Vit. C packets that Andrea was taking about. Dad used them when he was home from the Hosp. also to get his immune system up. They taste good and are very good for you. Most stores will have them.
Hopefully Samuel will become more immune to some of the germs. Keeping the hands clean is very important though.
As far as the baby -- they have a good immune system and get a lot of what is 'needed' from Mom's milk especially in the first week. Don't worry so much Honey!! It will be fine!! Give Samuel a kiss for me and tell him "Nana" says HI and I am very sorry he is sick!!

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