A Clean House

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
I went to Target today & got some cleaning supplies for our hardwood floors (that's the only flooring we have in our house!). A dry mop sure beats cleaning on my hands & knees, especially with the added weight of my pregnancy, which is how I've been cleaning our hardwood floors in our various dwelling places over the years. I got a natural (Method) wood cleaner, a dry mop, and special cloths to clean our stainless steel appliances. Yay, no more streaks on the stainless steel! I've been using a washcloth, then going over it right after with a dry cloth, but what I got today works so much easier & leaves the appliances with a polished look. I've just about had it with the cats in the house. I really do like a clean house, and I don't know how much cat hair I can tolerate. I'll spend the morning vacuuming the furniture & floors, only to come back an hour or two later and find loose cat hair all over the futon again which marks the spot where a cat slept for an hour or so. Also, our one cat Priscilla seems to have a shedding problem, and I swear wherever she walks, she leaves a trail of loose hairs behind her. I'm not sure how to go about finding a good home for our cats, but with the new baby on the way, I don't think I can keep up with it all! Well, all I have to say is nothing beats having good cleaning products! Now, I've just got to train Samuel to help me with some of these chores! I'd also like to get an index card system for chores to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis so that I can pace myself and get to all the chores over time instead of trying to do it all at once. We have 32 window sashes in our house, and these all need to be cleaned inside and out at least on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, we'll most likely have to hire out the cleaning of our exterior windows, as we don't have the proper equipment to reach that high, and have steep slopes which do not allow for the average extension ladder. That's okay...we need to hire someone to clean our gutters and roof anyway for the same reason, and maybe they can do all that at once. Oh, the joys of homemaking. --Karli
P.S. Landon says I'm nesting.


charmi said...

We feel the exact same way about our cat. Can't figure out how to humanely give him away. If you discover something, let us know!

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