Wednesday, September 26, 2007
With everything that's been going on around here for the past week, I totally forgot that I was supposed to deliver a meal tonight to a Mom in my moms' group. I'm now delivering the meal on Friday, but can things get any more crazy around here?

I got everything checked out today w/ my midwife, and things look great, although I was measuring a little small, probably because the baby was laying in a transverse position. I was given a list of supplies I need to put together for the home birth, which is just around the corner. I'm hoping life slows down a bit by next week so I can start working on that. Here are the stats from my appointment:
144 Heartbeat
90 Pulse
118/70 Blood Pressure
28 cm. Fundal Height (I'm 31 weeks, so measuring just a little small, but probably only because she was laying transverse)
172.5 Weight (7 1/2 pound gain since last month...almost exactly what I weighed at this point in pregnancy w/ Samuel)

I also went to my chiropractor, because I've had some neck soreness/stiffness since the accident. I felt so much better after the appointment. I plan to see her again on Friday or Monday.



Anonymous said...

The heartbeat for all of you girls was around 142 to 148 all the time!
Hum.....must be a girl for sure!!

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