28 Weeks Pregnant--Start of Third Trimester!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

As I type this, I can hardly believe it's possible that I'm already entering my third trimester, and in 10-14 weeks (2 weeks early, 2 weeks late?), our new daughter will enter the world. I continue to prepare for a home birth by getting the house & bedroom ready & have also been reading lots of books on natural birthing. Right now, the baby switches from a breech position to transverse on a daily basis. By 34 weeks, I'm hoping she'll settle for a head-down position. If not, my midwives will try to turn her, and my chiropractor also knows of some naturopaths that are skilled in techniques to turn a breech baby.

As for how I'm feeling, my pelvic bones ache quite a bit, and it's pretty uncomfortable turning over in bed now. So far, this has been an extremely healthy pregnancy, and depsite some discomforts (I had my first leg cramp at about 2am one morning last week), I've overall been feeling really good. I'm really tired all the time, but I've become used to that, and try to nap with Samuel when I can. Every once in awhile I struggle with insomnia, such as right now...I've been up since 5am. I got up and did some laundry, packed Landon's lunch, did the dishes, made a pancake & decaf coffee with blueberry cobbler creamer (yum!), and am now updating my blog. A case of what's called nesting, I presume! I'm already anticipating an afternoon nap...I'm going to need it today!

P.S. Our camera just came home from the shop last night, but within 30 minutes had a problem come up that we've since learned is due to a defective chip that Canon recalled some time ago. So, it will be another 3 weeks of waiting before we get our camera back once again. We only have to pay to have it shipped this time, as the chip will be replaced for free, but it's a drag to not have a camera. In the meantime, I made do with photo booth on my mac for my pregnancy shot. I know the pics aren't great, but they're better than nothing, right? I'm 7 months pregnant today!


Anonymous said...

I love the new blueberry creamer. It makes me smile! Of course, I add a smidge to my highly caffeinated coffee. Yet, another reason to not procreate again.....no caffeine! My con list is getting longer.

Amy said...

You look great! I can't believe how much your belly has grown! And those darn leg cramps....I hate 'em!!

Annagrace said...

Amy's right--you look amazing! It's funny how pregnancy seems to sputter along and then suddenly you're obviously pregnant.

I'm back in town. We had an amazing 9 days away and now it looks like our house will close early next week so I'm packing like a crazy woman. Or as crazy as I can be while a tiny person follows after me, undoing everything I'm working on...

Betsy said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so not ready for Olivia's entrance! How are we so far along already? I have so much to do with getting Will's room ready and moving Hunter to Will's room and changing the nursery from red and blue to all known shades of pink! How have we not gotten together? Let's do it before we each have another child to cart around! (We can do play dates after of course, too since our girls will be the same age and our boys are close in age!)

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