Trip to Costco and Scrapbooking

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Based on how Samuel is bundled up in this photo, you can tell it was taken earlier this year in winter or early spring. We became Costco members today! We've been meaning to for awhile, but I was a little hesitant. Now that I've been, I see how much we'll start saving on non-foods. I don't think we'll buy perishables like produce or meat there, just because it's important to us to support local growers as much as possible, and we also like to get organics, which I didn't see hardly any of at Costco, although I hear they are starting to sell more and more. We spent about an hour and a half at Costco, then ran everything home to drop off before heading off for our grocery shopping at New Seasons. I then spent a good chunk of time organizing cupboards and putting everything away. Afterwards, I spent about 6 hours working on my pregnancy scrapbook, which is now finished through this month! It includes ultrasound photos, papers from my midwives, little notes I write to ask my midwives at each appointment, blog postings about the pregnancy, all my pregnancy photos, index cards describing the changes in each month of pregnancy, and sometimes photos of things we did as a family each month. I bought some of the Martha Stewart Crafts tools & supplies, which has made it a lot of fun & pretty easy. Each page is decorated with crafting paper and enclosed with plastic pouches to protect it. I use lots of ribbon, lots of hot glue sticks, and colorful pens. The end result is a creative display of all the memorabilia from my pregnancy. I have one from my pregnancy with Samuel as well. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I thought it was fun for this particular project. For photos, I tend to use albums only. I'm now in the process of uploading over 1K photos to Snapfish to start making albums from Samuel's birth on. --Karli
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Amy said...

Congrats on becoming a Costco member! We don't have one here, but we do have a Sam's Club which is similar. With a family of five (almost 6), it's a neccessity!!

I would love to see some pictures of your scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you have done all of that for each of the kids!! I wish I would/could of done that for each of you kids!!
I'd LOVE to see it Karli, next time we are up there!!

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