Rough Night

Friday, August 24, 2007
So far, I've only had rough nights during this pregnancy every once in awhile, but then again, I'm just on the cusp of entering the 3rd trimester, so I expect these nights to increase in frequency. I'm usually good at dealing with a couple (maybe even three or four) discomforts at one time during pregnancy, but when the three or four become five or six, I get overwhelmed. Last night, by 2am, I finally broke down and had a good cry. My shoulders would go numb when I laid on my sides, I was suffering from reflux, restless leg syndrome, dehydration (I think from eating too many wheat thins topped with generous portions of brie), an active baby, and backache. I couldn't seem to get the pillows positioned in a way where I could fall asleep. Finally, I got up when Landon got home quite late from session, relented and took 2 Tums, (I've been trying to rely only on my papaya enzyme tablets, but sometimes they just don't cut it), and talked for awhile until I started to feel better. By 3:30 or 4am, I drifted off to sleep. Landon took Samuel for a haircut in the morning and let me sleep, then spent the early afternoon playing music at a friend's house with Samuel so I was able to spend the afternoon alone. It was just what I needed, and I'm feeling much better. I even picked up a few new maternity items, as my maternity bras & pants are all getting pretty tight. The baby really grew this week, and my clothes are suddenly all at once too small.
P.S. My pregnancy ticker crept below the 100 day mark w/out my noticing! Can this baby's birth really only be 90+ days away? The maple trees in our backyard are starting to shed their leaves. Fall (and my 3rd trimester) are on the way. 3 short months to go!


Jeremy said...

Sorry about all the pregnancy discomforts. A good night's sleep does wonders so it's really really hard when you don't ever get that.

I had horrible heartburn with both boys. I also tried the papaya enzymes but they didn't work at night when it was really bad. So my midwives gave me liquid calcium magnesium. It was awesome and worked so good for me! Better in fact than Tums. I always took some at night just before bed and I hardly ever had heartburn. It would also take it away if I was in the middle of suffering from it. I loved that stuff! Ask your midwives about it. It should also be helpful for your RLS.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Tylenol and Tums were my constant companions during each of my pregnancies but especially the fourth time. I would never have been able to take care of my other three children if I wasn't getting sleep at night. I also stole all of my husband's pillows (except one - I'm not a monster!) and had them arranged all around me so I could sleep. Chikara called is my little fortress. It worked for me up until the last few weeks and then I was happy for at least three hours in a row, bathroom break, two more hours. I think it's preparation for the lack of sleep after the baby is born.

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