Prenatal Appointment--27 Weeks

Thursday, August 30, 2007
I had a prenatal appointment today, and everything once again looks great! Here are the stats:
Blood Pressure: 116/68
Pulse: 80
Baby's Heartrate: 156 bpm
Fundal Height: 26cm
Weight: 165.0, which is exactly what I weighed at this time with Samuel.

The baby is currently in a breech position, but there is still plenty of time for her to turn. In fact, I was able to move her into a transverse position while watching a movie this evening, which is where she has stayed since then. I had my suspicions about her position prior to the appointment. There's been a LOT of movement down low in my pelvis, where the head should be, and minimal movement up high. I've also had a hard time discerning which end the baby is laying, and she changes position frequently throughout the day. With Samuel, he was head-down from 20 weeks on, and never moved position. He always laid spine curved outward (anterior), and to the right of my uterus. This baby moves all over. She never stays in one position for very long. However, out of the two babies, Samuel was much more active. This baby moves position, but also sleeps quite a lot, and her movements are much more gentle and not as frequent as Samuel. Anyway, it's interesting to compare...

I have an appointment for Sept. 10th with my midwife for a CBC to check hemoglobin, glucose test, and a RhoGAM shot, since I am Rh-negative. Those RhoGAM shots aren't any fun because of where they administer the shot--take a guess!



Amy said...

So does that mean that if she doesn't turn, no home birth??? Well, we will just pray she turns that little body around! Glad to hear everything else is good.

Anonymous said...

The heart beat is about what all of you girls were. It is interesting how they move all over. I remember how you girls did that and then Robby would not as much but when he did~~WOW!! He would kick hard!! Robby was also head-down from about 22 weeks on. Interesting huh?!! It is fun to remember and relive through you and your blog!!
Love you!!

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