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Thursday, August 02, 2007
What are your favorite girl names? We have a name picked out, but lately, I've been questioning whether it's the right name. After reading through The Baby Name Bible the other night, I'm still mystified and no closer to a final decision. For a boy, I wanted Jasper Milo or Henry, but I'll keep our one girl name secret until the baby's birth. After all, there has to be some element of surprise, right? Plus, I can do without the old "Oh, I knew this awful girl in highschool with that name, and I've never liked it since, but that's cool you like it" or "Well, I'm a teacher and there are 5 Amelias in my class, so as long as you don't mind the Amelia trend, go for it!" I've noticed people tend to keep these comments to themselves once your baby is born, but they never cease to boldly share their associations with the name you've picked out if you tell them before the birth. So, "the name" shall remain a secret for now. Suggestions?

Happy 29th Birthday to my sister Tracy!


Annagrace said...

I got a LOT of funny looks about Pea's name before she was born (including family), but now so many people say that they like it. But we were so certain that that was her name that I didn't really care what anyone said :). It's also why I get nervous about giving suggestions, though....

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Karli. I got a lot of that also! I think people just think they need to give their opinion about everything and sometimes they should just keep it to themselves.
It really doesn't matter what the name is because I will love 'Her' and 'her name!'

Amy said...

I know the feeling! I've got plenty of girl names that I love....
- Mylie
- Amelia
- Carissa
- Kaitlyn
- Chloe

My most favorite girl name isn't up there, because if I have a girl, I'm using it for sure! Can't wait to hear what you picked out for her!

Anonymous said...


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