Jury Duty, Part 3: Deliberations

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
I really thought I'd walk into the jury room today and we'd all be on the same page and have the verdict form filled out within an hour. Unfortunately, that was not to be. It was a civil case, so there needed to be a majority, which in our case was 9 out of 12 jurors. After deliberating all day (8 hours), we finally reached a verdict. I was never in the majority, and kept my vote the same until the end. It was rough sitting in court while the verdict was read, since I didn't agree with it. It was a pretty long & emotionally charged day. There were times where jurors raised their voices at each other & things got heated in that small room. At some point, the majority ruled, and a verdict was reached. This has been an interesting experience for me. I can see why they only allow you to serve every two years, however, as these cases can be extremely stressful and draining to participate in.



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