Jury Duty, Part 2

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Sat in a courtroom from 9am-5pm listening to witnesses testify & lawyers run through the same lines of questioning over and over. Felt extremely tired and bored at times, but did not allow myself to doze in court. Took lots of notes, so I'm definitely prepared for deliberations tomorrow. Glad I'm sitting in the back row on the jury, as the back row has chairs that swivel, whereas the jurors on the front row sit on folding chairs, and have to cock their heads to the left in order to view the stand. Being pregnant, that would have been extremely uncomfortable for me. Looking forward to a quick deliberation (hopefully) tomorrow. Landon is out of town, so Samuel is at a friend's house for the day, and will be there again tomorrow. He's having fun, but is definitely not used to being away from me all day. He's been more emotional in the evenings. Makes me so glad that Landon and I don't both work f/t.


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