Sunday, August 05, 2007

I was up until about 4am this morning, partly with insomnia, and partly because Samuel is sick with a new virus: cold, cough, temperature. It was a long night! The baby was moving quite a bit, there were lots of bathroom trips, and lots of wake-ups with Samuel. I even had to get up once to eat a bowl of cereal. With Samuel, I was doing that a lot the first and third trimesters. I did that a lot the first trimester with this baby, but not so much the past 6 weeks. Now it's starting up again. Dinner just isn't enough to get me through the night.

In other news...since we've had Samuel, our cats have taken a big backseat. They used to be pictured w/ us in our Christmas cards, like the one pictured above from December, 2005, when I was 7 months pregnant with Samuel...but now, we just don't have the desire to spend the time to be affectionate the way animals require now that we have a child (and soon to have one more) of our own. They seem so bushy & unlovable in comparison to Samuel, whose cheeks are irresistible! People used to tell me that this was the case for parents who had children--they would give their pets away. I always scoffed and was harshly judgmental towards people who gave their pets away. Now, after nearly 3 years of feeling nothing but frustration over litter box changings & cat hair all over the house, I'm ready to give them a better life. They need to be with someone who loves them so much that they don't feel resentful about the time it takes to take care of them and all their many needs. Don't get me wrong...they've been wonderfully cared for and loved, and are amazing cats that will probably miss us greatly. I'm just feeling too overwhelmed by the pets at this point, especially now that we have another baby on the way. So, Landon is in the process of giving our tropical fish away. The next on the list is my purebred flame-point Himalayan male cat (spayed & 6 years old) that we drove to Idaho a few weeks before 9/11 to get from a breeder. Those were the days of lonely evenings prior to kids where a cat was just what we needed to fill the void. These days, I just don't have enough love in my heart to extend past my own offspring. Lastly, I will consider adopting out my female Persian mix, Priscilla, who is also 6 years old. She is spayed, and was my first pet that I got when I was renting my first apartment. I used to drive home on my lunch-hour to check on her. And now...I'm considering a new home for her. Am I really terrible for considering to adopt out our cats, or am I being unselfish in seeking to give them a better life than I can give them?


Anonymous said...

Well Karli, you know what is best for you ~~~ but you know where I am on this subject! I love animals -- but we have just done the same thing - for different reasons. When we travel -- ( even just going to the beach for two or three days ) we have to have one of your sibblings come over and feed them and then they are STILL left all alone.
So we just got rid of our two cats ( Cinderella, our pure bread Persian and Priscilla's Mom, and one of the off springs, George.) and then Zoey just got killed by a deer and we are thinking about trying to find a good home for Boggy ( but I'm not sure about that one -- he's Dad's dog ) although Dad has mentioned it as we will be gone to Alaska, then Mexico, and then on a three week trip or so to Calif., New Mexico, Texas, Ariziona, and so on. Animals ARE a lot of work and time consuming and I think at times in your life you have to look at it and decide what is best for you as a family and also what is best for the animal.

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