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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
About a month ago, a mom in my playgroup, who is 3 1/2 weeks further along in pregnancy, e-mailed me that her belly was growing so quickly that she could feel it stretching daily! I will say that this past week, my 23rd week of pregnancy, my belly has noticeably increased in size. I've been experiencing light Braxton-Hicks, and my uterus is about 3 cm. above my belly-button. I'll post an updated belly shot in a few days.

Earlier today, Samuel and I met Annagrace and her daughter Penelope at Grant Park. I knew Annagrace from PBC/CBC, but we hadn't seen each other for years. It was fun to get together and reconnect--we hope to do so again sometime! Grant Park has a great little wading pool for kids that is mostly shaded. I would highly recommend it if you haven't been there!

This evening, we headed down to Willamette Park to hear the Flat Mountain Girls. They were great, and we had a fun time. Sarah, Aaron, and Ben were there, and Samuel had a lot of fun playing with Ben (I even saw one of my midwives there!). Sarah is one of my closest friends from my moms' group, and is also expecting. In fact, we are exactly 8 weeks apart in pregnancy. Ben and Samuel are almost the same size, and are only a week apart in age. They've always played well together, and I'm excited that Sarah and I are having our second babies so close together.



Anonymous said...

Wow!! How busy you are!! We never do anything and you seem like you are ALWAYS doing SOMETHING!!

That is really fun that you have someone that has a son the same age as Samuel and she is pregnant about the same as you !! Very nice!

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